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10.1" overhead lcd monitor with dvd player.
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  • Page 2: Important Notice

    nstallation of overhead products requires careful planning and preparation. Be extremely careful when working on a vehicle with side curtain air bags. Do not route wires near any portion of the side curtain air bag assemblies. This includes any anchor points in A, B, C or D pillars of the vehicle.

  • Page 3: Safety Precaution

    Congratulations Congratulations on your purchase of the ADVENT ADV10 DVD Player with drop-down video / monitor. The ADV10 has been designed to give you and your family many years of video entertainment in the mobile environment. Please read the directions that follow to familiarize yourself with the product to ensure that you obtain the best results from your equipment.

  • Page 4

    CONTROLS AND INDICATORS DIAGRAM 1. POWER ( ) Control Used to turn the system on/off (standby). 2. Source Select (S) Use to select one of the two sources: DVD, AV1/AUX 3. PLAY ( ) Control This control is used to start playback of a disc. (FRONT VIEW) 4.

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    CONTROL FUNCTION DESCRIPTION SIDE VIEW 1. DVD Disc insertion Slot For loading and removing discs. CONTROL FUNCTION DESCRIPTION BACK VIEW 1 2 3 1. Auxiliary Video Input 2. Auxiliary Audio Left Input 3. Auxiliary Audio Right Input...

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    REMOTE CONTROL OPERATION CR2025 Initial Use When purchased the remote control has a battery installed with a Pull Tab to prevent battery discharge. Remove the Pull Tab before attempting to use the remote. Battery Replacement 1. Remove the battery holder. 2.

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    Function control is available on the unit and the Remote Control. Function not available in this model. 1. POWER* Press this button to turn the unit ON and OFF. MONITOR SELECT M1 Button – Set the remote control code to allow control of the unit in M1 mode. M2 Button** –...

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    9. ENTER Used to implement a selected setting or menu option. 10. DISPLAY Press to display the current disc information while the disc is playing. Press the cursor ( Title/Chapter selection use the numeric buttons to enter the desired Title /Chapter selection. 11.

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    19. STOP ( )* Press to stop playback.(Playback will resume from the point it is stopped). Press twice at once to stop playback fully. (Playback will resume from the beginning of the disc). 20. SCAN FORWARD ( ) Press to search in a forward direction. Press repeatedly to change the search speed from 2, 4, 8, 16 times and normal speed. 21.

  • Page 10

    26. ZOOM Press this button to enlarge the picture when playing a DVD disc. Press ZOOM button DVD player perform Once Q1- Enlarge the picture 2 times of the original size Second Q2- Enlarge the picture 3 times of the original size Third Q3- Enlarge the picture 4 times of the original size Forth...

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    SYSTEM MENU ADJUSTMENTS The System Menu Contains features and options that let you customize your system to change the screen mode display, OSD language and source default. 1) Press the TV button and then the SYSTEM MENU button on the remote, the main page of the system menu will appear on screen. 2) Use the cursor buttons to select the desired item in the main page and press the ENTER button to select.

  • Page 12

    FMM SELECT FMM ON/OFF options - Turns the wireless FM Modulator on or off. FMM SELECT option - Selects the wireless FM Modulator Frequency (CH1 88.1MHz, CH2 88.3MHz, CH3 88.5MHz, CH4 88.7MHz, CH5 88.9MHz, CH6 89.1MHz, CH7 89.3MHz, CH8 89.5MHz, CH9 89.7MHz, CH10 89.9MHz, CH11 90.1MHz, CH12 90.3MHz, CH13 90.5MHz, CH14 90.7MHz, Ch15 90.9MHz, CH16 91.1MHz) PICTURE CONTROL OSD LANGUAGE...

  • Page 13

    SOURCE DEFAULT DVD This allows the user to set the system default source to DVD. Note: • If source default is set to ON, every time the unit is turned off then on, the unit will power up and automatically switch the source to DVD. If source default is set to OFF and the unit is turned off then on, the unit will power up in whatever source was last selected.

  • Page 14

    DVD SETTINGS AND ADJUSTMENTS The DVD Setup Menu contains features and options that let you customize your DVD player. For example, you can set a language for the on-screen display or prevent children from viewing DVD playback of adult DVD Titles. Using the Setup Menu 1.

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    DVD SUBTITLE SETUP Select "SUBTITLE" using button, then press desire using button, then press “ENTER” to confirm the setting. Press Note: The subtitle selection is only available for discs that are recorded in the above listed languages. If the selected, language is not available, the player will play and display on the screen the original language contained in the disc.

  • Page 16

    DVD RATING SETUP Parental This item allows you to limit the content of movie playback from G to Adult. The lower the value, the more strict the control. 1. G 2. PG 3. PG – 13 4. R 5. NC – 17 6.

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    Load Factory This option allows you to reset all options to factory settings. * This function will not affect the Rating control settings. Screen Saver This option allows you to set the Screen saver mode. ON -Screen saver will appear OFF -Screen saver will not appear Note: The DVD player will enter Screen Saver mode if the unit is inactive for approximately 2 minutes.

  • Page 18

    Playing MP3 Discs MP3 is a format for storing digital audio. An audio CD-quality song can be compressed into the MP3 format with very little loss of quality, while taking up much less space. CD-R discs that have been encoded in MP3 format can be played on DVD player. The DVD player plays the songs in the order they were burned on to the disc.

  • Page 19

    Repeat: play repetitively Repeat function has 4 options : Off, Single, Folder, All. Move cursor to Repeat function and press ENTER, Each time ENTER is pressed the unit will cycle through the available options. Off/Single/Folder/All are displayed in that order. Repeat default is Off; Turn off repeat function Single Repeat the song being played until STOP is pressed.

  • Page 20

    Clear program Method: To clear the selected song files, press the STOP button twice during playback mode. Move the cursor to the Edit mode function and press ENTER. After Edit mode is selected, move cursor to selected songs list and select the songs which you want to delete. Press ENTER and a check mark will appear to the left of the selected song.

  • Page 21

    DVD Area Code The DVD player is preset to a region code at the factory depending on where the DVD player is sold. A DVD from a different region cannot be played in this unit and the unit will display "WRONG REGION” DVD Basics To get the optimum use out of the DVD section, make sure you read this section completely.

  • Page 22

    TURNING THE UNIT ON OR OFF 1. Pushing in the Screen Release button will unlock the LCD screen and it will drop down slightly. Pivot the screen downward until a comfortable viewing angle is reached. The hinge friction will hold the screen in position while the system is in use. 2.

  • Page 23: Source Feature

    OVERHEAD DOME LIGHTS The Dome Lights integrated into the unit are controlled by a three position slide switch. Sliding the switch to the ON position will turn the lights ON. The OFF position will prevent the lights from turning ON with the vehicle's interior lighting, and the auto position will allow the lights to turn ON and OFF with the vehicle's interior lighting.

  • Page 24: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING PROBLEM IR remote inoperative Disc won't play Play starts, but then stops immediately No sound or distorted sound Can’t advance through a movie SOLUTION Verify that the batteries in the remote are fresh. Verify that the remote sensor eye is not obstructed. Insert a disc with the label side facing upwards.

  • Page 25

    PROBLEM Not allowed at the moment Picture is distorted No forward or reverse scan SOLUTION The feature or action cannot be completed at this time because: 1. The disc’s software restricts it. 2. The disc’s software doesn’t support the feature (e.g., angles) 3.

  • Page 26

    REPLACEMENT PARTS Remote Control SPECIFICATIONS 136-4840 LCD Backlighting Resolution Pixels Operation Temperature Storage Temperature Backlit life Video Display System Video Output Power Source Dimension Specifications are subject to change without notice. 800 (RGB) x 480 1,152,000 32 ~131º F (0 ~ 55º C) -4 ~ 158º...

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    If your new vehicle’s radio, CD/DVD player is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty for a period of 48 months as set forth in the OEM Warranty Booklet, the company will extend the Advent Mobile Video product warranty for the same period of time. This is not applicable to extended warranty purchases beyond the original manufacturer’s warranty.

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    © 20 ADVENT, 150 Marcus Blvd. Hauppauge, NY 11788 128-8567C...

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