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Electrolux EKG51105OX User Manual page 25


Table of Contents
EN 30-2-1: Domestic cooking appliances
burning gas - Part 2-1 : Rational use of
energy - General
15.2 Hob - Energy saving
You can save energy during everyday
cooking if you follow below hints.
• When you heat up water, use only the
amount you need.
• If it is possible, always put the lids on
the cookware.
• Before you use the burners and pan
support make sure they are
assembled correctly.
• The cookware bottom should have the
correct diameters for the burner size.
• Put the cookware directly over the
burner and in the centre of it.
• When the liquid starts to boil, turn
down the flame to barely simmer the
• If it is possible, use a pressure
cooker. Refer to its user manual.
15.3 Oven - Energy saving
The appliance contains features which
help you save energy during everyday
Recycle the materials with the symbol
. Put the packaging in applicable
containers to recycle it. Help protect the
environment and human health and to
recycle waste of electrical and electronic
appliances. Do not dispose appliances
• General hints
– Make sure that the oven door is
closed properly when the
appliance operates and keep it
closed as much as possible
during the cooking.
– Use metal dishes to improve the
energy saving.
– When possible, put the food
inside the oven without heating it
– When the cooking duration is
longer than 30 minutes, reduce
the oven temperature to
minimum, 3 - 10 minutes before
the end of the cooking time,
depending on the duration of the
cooking. The residual heat inside
the oven will continue to cook.
– Use the residual heat to warm up
other foods.
• Keep food warm - if you want to use
the residual heat to keep the meal
warm, choose the lowest possible
temperature setting.
marked with the symbol
household waste. Return the product to
your local recycling facility or contact
your municipal office.
with the


Table of Contents

Table of Contents