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Led module
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About the LED lamps

LED lamps are sensitive to static electricity and surge voltage, which may damage their components
and decrease their reliability.
Take measures against static electricity during the installation. Do not touch the LED display areas.
The LED lamps may absorb and hold moisture during the LED module installation or if not used for
a long time. Therefore, in such cases, the brightness must be increased gradually during a break-in
period before setting the normal brightness.
If the LED lamps are lit with 100% brightness while moisture is retained, the temperature will rise very
quickly and the water inside the lamps will evaporate and expand. This will cause the encapsulating
resin to expand, which may lead to separation of the boundary surface inside the LED lamps. This
separation can cause the LED lamps not to light up properly.

Lamp break-in

Configure the brightness settings as shown below with a video displayed on the LED module.
After a break-in period of approximately 3 hours, the LED module can be used under normal
Time since start-up: 0
(just after start-up)
Full white
Video content
1 hour
value 20%
2 hours
3 hours
English - 4
Normal operation
Normal operation


Table of Contents

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