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Dell Vostro 1500 Owner's Manual Page 219

Dell vostro 1500: owners manual.
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DVD+RW drive — drive that can read DVDs and most CD media and write to
DVD+RW (rewritable DVDs) discs.
DVI — digital video interface — A standard for digital transmission between a
computer and a digital video display.
ECC — error checking and correction — A type of memory that includes special
circuitry for testing the accuracy of data as it passes in and out of memory.
ECP — extended capabilities port — A parallel connector design that provides
improved bidirectional data transmission. Similar to EPP , ECP uses direct memory
access to transfer data and often improves performance.
EIDE — enhanced integrated device electronics — An improved version of the IDE
interface for hard drives and CD drives.
EMI — electromagnetic interference — Electrical interference caused by
electromagnetic radiation.
— Environmental Protection Agency requirements that decrease
the overall consumption of electricity.
EPP — enhanced parallel port — A parallel connector design that provides
bidirectional data transmission.
ESD — electrostatic discharge — A rapid discharge of static electricity. ESD can
damage integrated circuits found in computer and communications equipment.
expansion card — A circuit board that installs in an expansion slot on the system
board in some computers, expanding the capabilities of the computer. Examples
include video, modem, and sound cards.
expansion slot — A connector on the system board (in some computers) where you
insert an expansion card, connecting it to the system bus.
ExpressCard — A removable I/O card adhering to the PCMCIA standard. Modems
and network adapters are common types of ExpressCards. ExpressCards support both
the PCI Express and USB 2.0 standard.
Express Service Code — A numeric code located on a sticker on your Dell™
computer. Use the Express Service Code when contacting Dell for assistance. Express
Service Code service may not be available in some countries.
extended display mode — A display setting that allows you to use a second monitor as
an extension of your display. Also referred to as dual display mode.
extended PC Card — A PC Card that extends beyond the edge of the PC Card slot
when installed.




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