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Dell Inspiron 8200 User Manual: Safety Instructions

Advanced port replicator.
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Dell Inspiron Advanced Port Replicator User's Guide

Safety Instructions

Use the following safety guidelines to help protect your APR from potential damage
and to help ensure your own personal safety:
Do not attempt to service the APR yourself. Always follow installation
instructions closely.
Be sure that nothing rests on your AC adapter's power cable.
Be sure that the cable is not located where it can be tripped over or stepped on.
Place the AC adapter in a ventilated area, such as a desktop or on the floor, when
powering the APR. Do not cover the AC adapter with papers or other items that
will reduce cooling. Do not use the AC adapter inside a carrying case.
Do not use your APR in a wet environment, for example, near a bathtub, sink, or
swimming pool or in a wet basement.
Do not push objects into air vents or openings of your APR. Doing so can cause
fire or electric shock by shorting out interior components.
Use only the AC adapter that is approved for use with this APR as indicated in
this document. Use of another type of AC adapter may risk fire or explosion.
Before you connect the APR to a power source, ensure that the voltage rating
of the AC adapter matches that of the available power source:
— 115 volts (V)/60 hertz (Hz) in most of North and South America and some Far
Eastern countries such as South Korea and Taiwan
— 100 V/50 Hz in eastern Japan and 100 V/60 Hz in western Japan
— 230 V/50 Hz in most of Europe, the Middle East and the Far East
To help prevent electric shock, plug the AC adapter and peripheral power cables
into properly grounded electrical outlets. These cables are equipped with 3-prong
plugs to help ensure proper grounding. Do not use adapter plugs or remove the
grounding prong from a cable. If you must use an extension cable, use a 3-wire
cable with properly grounded plugs.
If you use an extension cable with your AC adapter, ensure that the total ampere
rating of the products plugged into the extension cable does not exceed the
ampere rating of the extension cable.
To remove power from the APR, turn off the computer and disconnect the AC
adapter from the electrical outlet.
To help avoid the potential hazard of electric shock, do not connect or disconnect
any cables or perform maintenance or reconfiguration of this product during an
electrical storm.
When setting up the APR for work, place it on a level surface.
Protect your APR from environmental hazards such as dirt, dust, food, liquids,
temperature extremes, and overexposure to sunlight.
When you move your APR between environments with very different
temperature or humidity ranges, condensation may form on or within the



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