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Safety System; Preparing The Product For Use - Silvercrest SFW 100 C3 Operating Instructions And Safety Advices

Foot warmer


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Important safety instructions / Safety system / Preparing the product for use
Under certain circumstances, the
electrical and magnetic fields
emitted from the foot warmer
could interfere with the proper
functioning of your heart pace-
maker. However, the levels are
far below the permissible limits:
electric field strength: max.
5000 V / m, magnetic field
strength: max. 80 A / m, magnetic
flux density: max. 0.1 milli-Tesla.
Ask your doctor and, if relevant,
the manufacturer of your heart
pacemaker before you use this
foot warmer.
Do not pull, twist or kink the
cables. The foot warmer may
otherwise be damaged.
Regularly check the foot warmer
for signs of wear or damage. If
signs thereof are detected, the
foot warmer was used improp-
erly or will no longer heat up, it
must first be inspected by the
manufacturer before being
switched on again.
If the mains power cable of this
foot warmer is damaged, it must
be replaced by the manufacturer
or its service department, or a
similarly qualified person, to pre-
vent hazards.
The electronic components in-
side the control unit will heat up
whilst operating the foot
warmer. For this reason, the con-
trol unit may not be covered or
be lying on the foot warmer dur-
ing operation. This poses a risk
of injuries and/or damage to
the foot warmer.
Always observe the information
on start-up, cleaning and care,
and storage.
If you have additional questions
on using our products, please
contact our Customer Service

Safety system

Note: This foot warmer is equipped with a safety
system. The electronic sensor technology prevents
the entire surface of the foot warmer from overheat-
ing by automatically switching off in the event of a
fault. If the safety system switches the foot warmer
off automatically due to a fault, then the function
on the control unit
minated, even if the heating pad is switched on.
Please note that, for safety reasons, the foot
warmer must not be used after a fault and must
be returned to the service address indicated.

Preparing the product for use

Note: When the foot warmer is used for the first
time, you may notice a smell of plastic; however,
this will disappear after a short time.
is no longer illu-


Table of Contents

Table of Contents