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Miele KM 3054 Operating And Installation Instructions

Miele KM 3054 Operating And Installation Instructions


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Operating and Installation Instructions
Gas Cooktop
To prevent accidents and machine damage, read the Operating Manual
before installation or use.
en - US, CA
M.-Nr. 09 317 520


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  • Page 1 Operating and Installation Instructions Gas Cooktop To prevent accidents and machine damage, read the Operating Manual before installation or use. en - US, CA M.-Nr. 09 317 520...
  • Page 3 WARNING: If the information in this manual is not followed exactly, a fire or explosion may result causing property damage, personal injury or death. – Do not store or use gasoline or other flammable vapors and liquids in the vicinity of this or any other appliance.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Contents IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS....... . . 6 Appliance description ..........11 Cooktop .
  • Page 5 Contents Technical Service..........32 IMPORTANT INSTALLATION SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS .
  • Page 6: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Correct usage WARNING - When using your gas This appliance is intended for use in appliance follow basic domestic households and in similar precautions, including the working and residential environments. following: Only use this gas cooktop for residential purposes such as cooking This gas cooktop conforms to all and keeping food warm.
  • Page 7 Technical safety Use the Safety Lock to prevent the Installation, repair and maintenance cooktop from being turned on. work should be performed by a Miele authorized service technician in Children should not be left accordance with local building and unattended in an area where the safety codes.
  • Page 8 Contact Miele Technical Ser- While the appliance is under vice. warranty repairs should only be performed by a Miele authorized ser- Safety vice technician. Otherwise the warranty is void. The appliance is hot during use and...
  • Page 9 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Do not flambé under an exhaust Only certain types of glass, ceramic hood. Flames could be drawn up into or other glazed cookware are suitable the hood by the suction or the grease for use on a gas cooktop without filters may ignite.
  • Page 10 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Do not use roasting pans, frying pans or grill stones large enough to cover several burners. The resulting heat accumulation can damage the appliance. If the gas cooktop is installed behind a cabinet door, it must only be used with the door open.
  • Page 11: Appliance Description

    Appliance description Cooktop a Wok burner Control knob b Fast burner g Front right burner c Auxiliary burner h Rear right burner de Normal burner i Rear left burner f Grates (for each burner) j Front left burner k Left burner l Burner symbol m Operating/Residual heat indicator n Timer...
  • Page 12 Appliance description Standard accessories You can re-order standard accessories and optional accessories as needed (see the section on "Optional accessories"). Wok ring The wok ring (supplied) is included for added stability, especially for woks with round bases. Combi insert For small and large pans, see "Cookware".
  • Page 13: Timer Display

    Appliance description Timer display a Safety lock / Setting the time b Touch controls - Select timer - Switch between the functions - Select a burner c Indicator light for the timer d Indicator light for timer burner assignment, e. g. the rear right burner e Time display 00 to 99 = time in minutes 0.^ to 6.^ = time in hours...
  • Page 14: Burner

    Appliance description Burner Wok burner a Outer burner cover b Inner burner cover c Burner head d Burner base e Ignition safety control (Thermocouple) fIgnitor Auxiliary, normal, fast burners a Burner cover b Burner head c Burner base d Ignition safety control (Thermocouple) e Ignitor...
  • Page 15: Before The First Use

    Before the first use Adhere the data plate sticker, which is included with the appliance documents, on the appropriate place marked in "Technical Service". Cleaning the cooktop ^ Remove any protective films. ^ Wash the removable parts of the gas burner in a mild solution of warm water and liquid dish soap.
  • Page 16: Operation

    Operation Fast-Ignition system The appliance is equipped with a quick ignition system with the following features: – The control knob can be released once it is turned to the largest flame symbol. – If the flame goes out during use, e.g.
  • Page 17: Turning On

    Operation Turning on When using the gas cooktop, an exhaust air extractor hood or a room ventilation device (not recirculation) must be used. ^ To light the burner, press the corresponding burner control knob and turn it anti-clockwise to the largest flame symbol. The ignition electrode "clicks"...
  • Page 18: Regulating

    Operation Regulating The flame should be regulated so that it never protrudes beyond the pot. Since the outer part of the gas flame is much hotter than the center of the flame, the flame tips should remain under the base of the pot. Protruding flame tips give off unnecessary heat into the air and can damage pot handles and increase the risk of burning.
  • Page 19: Quick Turn-Off

    Operation Quick turn-off All active burners are turned off by pressing the quick turn-off f touch key. ^ Touch the f touch key. The operating/residual heat indicator of the active burners flashes. Any set short time continues to run down if it is not assigned to a burner.
  • Page 20: Timer

    Timer You can set a time from 1 minute (01) to 6 (6^) hours For a time of more than 99 minutes (99), the setting is made in half-hour steps. The half hours are indicated by a dot behind the digit. The - touch key reduces the time from 6^ to 00, the + touch key increases the time from 00 to 6^.
  • Page 21: Assigning A Timer To A Burner

    Timer Assigning a timer to a burner You can set a timer for each active burner. All burners can be programmed at the same time. ^ Turn on the desired burner. ^ Press the touch key m. 00 flashes on the display and the timer indicator light. ^ Press the m touch key again.
  • Page 22: Cookware

    Cookware – Select the cookware to match the burner: large diameter = large burner small diameter = small burner. – Using oversized pans may cause the flames to spread out and damage the surrounding countertop or other countertop appliances. The proper pan size will also improve efficiency.
  • Page 23 Cookware Wok ring For added stability, especially for woks with round bases, use the wok ring (supplied). Make sure the wok ring is positioned correctly so that it sits securely and cannot shift. (See illustration.) Combi insert The combi insert must be used on the wok burner, if you use –...
  • Page 24: Energy Saving Tips

    Energy saving tips – If possible, cook in covered pots or pans. This prevents unnecessary heat loss. – Cook with less water. – The cooking time can be significantly reduced by using a pressure cooker. – After cooking or frying, promptly set to a lower flame. –...
  • Page 25: Safety Devices

    Safety devices Ignition safety control Your gas cooktop is equipped with an Ignition safety control. This means that if the gas flame goes out, e.g. from a boilover or a draft. If an attempt to reignite fails, the gas supply shuts off.
  • Page 26: Cleaning And Care

    Cleaning and care Never use a steam cleaner to clean this cooktop. Pressurized steam could cause permanent damage to the surface and to components. Do not use any sharp or pointed objects which could damage the seal between the frame and the countertop. Keep the ignitor in the burner dry.
  • Page 27 This results in an invisible Clean with the Miele ceramic surface and stainless film which causes steel cleaner (see the Miele online store) and with discoloration of the glass kitchen paper or a clean cloth. ceramic. This discoloration Do not apply cleaner to a hot cooktop as this can is permanent.
  • Page 28 Cleaning and care Assembling the burners Auxiliary, normal and fast burners ^ Place the burner head b on the burner base c so that the thermocouple d and the ignitor e feed through the holes of the burner head. The burner head must engage properly.
  • Page 29 Cleaning and care Wok burner ^ Place the burner head c on the burner base d so that the thermocouple e and the igintor f feed through the hole of the burner head. The burner head must engage properly. ^ Place on the burner caps ab. Make sure the burner parts are assembled in the right order.
  • Page 30: Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently asked questions Repairs should only be carried out by an authorized technician in accordance with local and national safety regulations. Unauthorized repairs could cause injury or appliance damage. Problem Cause Solution The burner does not There may be air in the gas line. Repeat the ignition process several ignite when used for times if necessary.
  • Page 31 Frequently asked questions Problem Cause Solution The burner ignitor The circuit breaker has Restore power. is not working tripped. If lack of power is the problem, the cooktop can be lit with a match. See “Turning on in the event of a power failure”. There is food residue between the ignitor and Clean carefully (see "Cleaning and care").
  • Page 32: Technical Service

    Please note that unless expressly approved in writing by the Miele Service department, Extended Service Contracts offered by other providers for Miele products will not be recognized by Miele. Our goal is to prevent unauthorized (and untrained) service personnel from working on your Miele products, possibly doing further damage to them, you and/or your home.
  • Page 33 Installation Instructions IMPORTANT: SAVE FOR THE LOCAL ELECTRICAL INSPECTOR'S USE Information is subject to change. Please refer to our website to obtain the most current product specification, technical & warranty information. To prevent accidents and appliance damage read these instructions before installation or use.
  • Page 34: Important Installation Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT INSTALLATION SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Installation The power cord and a flexible gas connection line must be attached so The minimum distances given in that they are not in contact with moving these Installation instructions are to parts of kitchen elements (e.g. a drawer) and are not subjected to combustible surfaces, and must be observed to ensure safe operation.
  • Page 35 IMPORTANT INSTALLATION SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Safety distances above the appliance The minimum safety distance given by the hood manufacturer must be maintained between the cooktop and the hood above it. See the installation instructions of the hood for these safety measurements. If the hood manufacturers instructions are not available or if flammable objects are installed over the cooktop (e.g.
  • Page 36 IMPORTANT INSTALLATION SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Safety distances When installing a gas cooktop, there may be cupboard or room walls of any height on the rear side and on one side (right or left) (see illustrations). The minimum following safety distances must be maintained: Not allowed a 2"...
  • Page 37: Installation Dimensions

    Installation dimensions a Appliance front b Installation height c Power supply box with connection cable L = 4 ft (1.2 m) d Gas connection...
  • Page 38: Installation

    Installation ^ Create the countertop cutout as per ^ Secure the appliance in place with the supplied brackets a. the dimension drawing. Remember to maintain a minimum safety distance from the back wall, as well as from any tall unit or side wall to the right or left of the cooktop (see "IMPORTANT INSTALLATION SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS").
  • Page 39 Installation Sealing Tiled surfaces The grouting a and shaded area under The sealing strip under the edge of the the appliance frame must be flat and top part of the cooktop provides a even so that the frame will lie evenly sufficient seal for the countertop.
  • Page 40: Electrical Connection

    Electrical connection This appliance must be grounded This appliance is equipped with a according to local or national codes. three-prong grounding plug to prevent shock hazards. It should be All electrical work should be plugged directly into a properly performed by a qualified electrician grounded outlet.
  • Page 41: Wiring Diagram

    Electrical connection Wiring diagram Caution: Label all wires prior to disconnection when servicing controls. Wiring errors can cause improper and dangerous operation. Verify proper operation after servicing.
  • Page 42: Gas Connection

    Gas connection Installation and service must be The gas connection must be made in performed by a qualified installer, accordance with local codes or, in service agency or gas supplier. the absence of local codes, with In Massachusetts installation must the National Fuel Gas Code, be performed by a licensed ANSI Z 21.1 / NFPA 54...
  • Page 43: Gas Pressure Regulator

    - 4" w.c. LP gas - 10" w.c. Do not use any regulator unless it has been supplied by Miele. Doing so may cause a gas leak. If there is any doubt concerning installation contact the Miele Technical Service Department.
  • Page 44: Conversion To Another Type Of Gas

    If the appliance is to be connected to a type of gas other than it was originally configured for, both the regulator and burners must be converted. A conversion kit is available as an optional accessory from the Miele Technical Service Department.
  • Page 45: Burner Capacity

    Burner capacity Nominal ratings Maximum output Gas type BTU/hr Auxiliary burner Natural Gas (NG) 3,750 1.10 Propane (LP) 3,300 0.97 Normal burner Natural Gas (NG) 5,800 1.70 Propane (LP) 6,400 1.88 Fast burner Natural Gas (NG) 9,300 2.73 Propane (LP) 9,800 2.87 Wok Burner...
  • Page 46: Help Protect Our Environment

    Help protect our environment Disposal of packing materials Disposal of an old appliance The cardboard box and packing Old appliances contain materials that materials are biodegradable and can be recycled. Please contact your recyclable. Please recycle. local recycling authority about the possibility of recycling these materials.
  • Page 47 Technical Service. U.S.A. Canada Miele, Inc. Importer Miele Limited National Headquarters 9 Independence Way Headquarters and Miele Centre 161 Four Valley Drive Princeton, NJ 08540 Phone: 800-843-7231 Vaughan, ON L4K 4V8 609-419-9898 609-419-4298...
  • Page 48 KM 3054 en - US, CA M.-Nr. 09 317 520 / 00...

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