Installation; Appropriate Installation Location; Removing Packaging Reinforcement; Removing The Transportation Locks - Beko WMB61221W Installation & Operating Instructions And Washing Guidance

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Refer to the nearest Authorised Service
Agent for installation of the product. To
make the product ready for use, review
the information in the user manual and
make sure that the electricity, tap water
supply and water drainage systems are
appropriate before calling the Authorized
Service Agent. If they are not, call a
qualified technician and plumber to have
any necessary arrangements carried out.
Preparation of the location and
electrical, tap water and waste water
installations at the place of installation
is under customer's responsibility.
Installation and electrical connections
of the product must be carried out
by the Authorized Service Agent.
Manufacturer shall not be held
liable for damages that may arise
from procedures carried out by
unauthorized persons.
Prior to installation, visually check if
the product has any defects on it. If
so, do not have it installed. Damaged
products cause risks for your safety.
Make sure that the water inlet and
discharge hoses as well as the power
cable are not folded, pinched or
crushed while pushing the product
into its place after installation or
cleaning procedures.

Appropriate installation location

Place the machine on a rigid floor.
Do not place it on a long pile rug or
similar surfaces.
Total weight of the washing machine
and the dryer -with full load- when
they are placed on top of each other
reaches to approx. 180 kilograms.
Place the product on a solid and flat
floor that has sufficient load carrying
Do not place the product on the
power cable.
Do not install the product at places
where temperature may fall below
Place the product at least 1 cm away
from the edges of other furniture.
Removing packaging
Tilt the machine backwards to remove
the packaging reinforcement. Remove the
packaging reinforcement by pulling the
Removing the
transportation locks
Do not remove the transportation
locks before taking out the packaging
Remove the transportation safety
bolts before operating the washing
machine, otherwise, the product will
be damaged.
1. Loosen all the bolts with a spanner
until they rotate freely (C).
2. Remove transportation safety bolts by
turning them gently.

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