Connecting To The Drain; Adjusting The Feet; Electrical Connection - Beko WMB61221W Installation & Operating Instructions And Washing Guidance

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Connecting to the drain

The end of the drain hose must be
directly connected to the wastewater
drain or to the washbasin.
Your house will be flooded if the
hose comes out of its housing
during water discharge. Moreover,
there is risk of scalding due to high
washing temperatures! To prevent
such situations and to ensure smooth
water intake and discharge of the
machine, fix the end of the discharge
hose tightly so that it cannot come
The hose should be attached to a
height of at least 40 cm, and 100 cm
at most.
In case the hose is elevated after
laying it on the floor level or close
to the ground (less than 40 cm
above the ground), water discharge
becomes more difficult and the
laundry may come out excessively
wet. Therefore, follow the heights
described in the figure.
To prevent flowing of dirty water back
into the machine and to allow for easy
discharge, do not immerse the hose
end into the dirty water or drive it in
the drain more than 15 cm. If it is too
long, cut it short.
The end of the hose should not be
bent, it should not be stepped on
and the hose must not be pinched
between the drain and the machine.
If the length of the hose is too short,
use it by adding an original extension
hose. Length of the hose may not be
longer than 3.2 m. To avoid water leak
failures, the connection between the
extension hose and the drain hose of
the product must be fitted well with
an appropriate clamp as not to come
off and leak.

Adjusting the feet

In order to ensure that the product
operates more silent and vibration-
free, it must stand level and balanced
on its feet. Balance the machine by
adjusting the feet. Otherwise, the
product may move from its place
and cause crushing and vibration
1. Loosen the lock nuts on the feet by
2. Adjust the feet until the product
stands level and balanced.
3. Tighten all lock nuts again by hand.
Do not use any tools to loosen the
lock nuts. Otherwise, they will get

Electrical connection

Connect the product to a grounded outlet
protected by a fuse complying with the
values in the "Technical specifications"
table. Our company shall not be liable

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