Main Programmes; Additional Programmes; Special Programmes - Beko WMB61221W Installation & Operating Instructions And Washing Guidance

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water temperature.
Always select the lowest required
temperature. Higher temperature
means higher power consumption.
For further programme details, see
"Programme and consumption table".

Main programmes

Depending on the type of fabric, use the
following main programmes.
• Cottons
Use this programme for your cotton
laundry (such as bed sheets, duvet and
pillowcase sets, towels, bathrobes,
underwear, etc.). Your laundry will be
washed with vigorous washing action for
a longer washing cycle.
• Synthetics
Use this programme to wash your
synthetic clothes (shirts, blouses,
synthetic/cotton blends, etc.). It washes
with a gentle action and has a shorter
washing cycle compared to the Cottons
For curtains and tulle, use the Synthetic
40˚C programme with prewash and
anti-creasing functions selected. As
their meshed texture causes excessive
foaming, wash the veils/tulle by putting
little amount of detergent into the main
wash compartment. Do not put detergent
in the prewash compartment.
• Woollens
Use this programme to wash your
woolen clothes. Select the appropriate
temperature complying with the tags of
your clothes. Use appropriate detergents
for woolens.

Additional programmes

For special cases, additional programmes
are available in the machine.
Additional programmes may differ
according to the model of the
• Cottons Eco
You may wash your normally soiled
durable cotton and linen laundry in this
programme with the highest energy and
water saving compared to all other wash
programmes suitable for cottons. Actual
water temperature may differ from the
declared cycle temperature. Programme
duration may automatically be shortened
during later stages of the programme if
you wash less amount (e.g. ½ capacity
or less) of laundry. In this case energy
and water consumption will be further
decreased giving you the opportunity for
a more economical wash. This feature
is available for certain models having
remaining time display.
• Baby+Toddler Clothing
Use this programme for baby clothes and
clothes worn by allergic people. Increased
hygiene is provided by a longer heating
period and an additional rinse cycle.
• Hand Wash
Use this programme to wash your
woolen/delicate clothes that bear "not
machine- washable" tags and for which
hand wash is recommended. It washes
laundry with a very gentle washing action
to not to damage clothes.
• Time Saver
Use this programme to quickly wash your
lightly soiled cotton clothes.
• Darkcare
Use this programme to wash your
dark coloured laundry, or the coloured
laundry that you do not want them
get faded. Washing is performed with
less mechanical movements at low
temperature. It is recommended to use
liquid detergent or wool shampoo for dark
coloured laundry.
• Mixed Fabrics
Use this programme to wash your cotton
and synthetic clothes together without
sorting them.

Special programmes

For specific applications, select any of the
following programmes.
• Rinse
Use this programme when you want to
rinse or starch separately.
• Spin+Drain
Use this programme to apply an
additional spin cycle for your laundry or to
drain the water in the machine.
Before selecting this programme, select
the desired spin speed and press Start /
Pause button. First, the machine will drain
the water inside of it. Then, it will spin the

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