Important Safety Instructions; General Safety; Intended Use - Beko WMB61221W Installation & Operating Instructions And Washing Guidance

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Important safety instructions

This section contains safety instructions
that will help protect from risk of personal
injury or property damage. Failure to
follow these instructions shall void any

General safety

This product should not be used
by persons with physical, sensory
or mental disorders or unlearned
or inexperienced people (including
children) unless they are attended by
a person who will be responsible for
their safety or who will instruct them
accordingly for use of the product.
Never place the product on a carpet-
covered floor; otherwise, lack of
airflow beneath the machine will
cause electrical parts to overheat.
This will cause problems with your
Do not operate the product if the
power cable / plug is damaged. Call
the Authorized Service Agent.
Have a qualified electrician connect
a 16-Ampere fuse to the installation
location of the product.
If the product has a failure, it should
not be operated unless it is repaired
by the Authorized Service Agent.
There is the risk of electric shock!
This product is designed to resume
operating in the event of powering
on after a power interruption. If you
wish to cancel the programme, see
"Cancelling the programme" section.
Connect the product to a grounded
outlet protected by a fuse complying
with the values in the "Technical
specifications" table. Do not neglect
to have the grounding installation
made by a qualified electrician. Our
company shall not be liable for any
damages that will arise when the
product is used without grounding in
accordance with the local regulations.
The water supply and draining hoses
must be securely fastened and remain
undamaged. Otherwise, there is the
risk of water leakage.
Never open the loading door or
remove the filter while there is still
water in the drum. Otherwise, risk of
flooding and injury from hot water will
Do not force open the locked loading
door. The loading door will be ready
to open just a few minutes after the
washing cycle comes to an end.
In case of forcing the loading door
to open, the door and the lock
mechanism may get damaged.
Unplug the product when not in use.
Never wash the product by spreading
or pouring water onto it! There is the
risk of electric shock!
Never touch the plug with wet hands!
Never unplug by pulling on the cable,
always pull out by grabbing the plug.
Use detergents, softeners and
supplements suitable for washing
machines only.
Follow the instructions on the textile
tags and on the detergent package.
The product must be unplugged
during installation, maintenance,
cleaning and repairing procedures.
Always have the installation and
repairing procedures carried out
by the Authorized Service Agent.
Manufacturer shall not be held
liable for damages that may arise
from procedures carried out by
unauthorized persons.

Intended use

This product has been designed for
domestic use. It is not suitable for
commercial use and it must not be
used out of its intended use.
The product must only be used for
washing and rinsing of laundry that
are marked accordingly.
The manufacturer waives any
responsibility arisen from incorrect
usage or transportation.
The service life of your product is
10 years. During this period, original
spare parts will be available to operate
the appliance properly.

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