Progress Of Programme; Loading Door Lock; Changing The Selections After Programme Has Started; Cancelling The Programme - Beko WMB61221W Installation & Operating Instructions And Washing Guidance

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for 3 seconds.
In addition to the method above, to
deactivate the Child Lock, switch the
Programme Selection knob to On
/ Off position when no programme
is running, and select another
When the power is restored after a
power failure or after your machine
is unplugged and plugged in again,
the Child Lock will not be deactivated
when the machine resumes operating.

Progress of programme

Progress of a running programme
can be followed from the Programme
Follow-up indicator. At the beginning
of every programme step, the relevant
indicator light will turn on and light of the
completed step will turn off.
You can change the auxiliary functions,
speed and temperature settings without
stopping the programme flow while the
programme is running. To do this, the
change you are going to make must be in
a step after the running programme step.
If the change is not compatible, relevant
lights will flash for 3 times.
If the machine does not pass to the
spinning step, Rinse Hold function
might be active or the automatic
unbalanced load detection system
might be activated due to the
unbalanced distribution of the laundry
in the machine.

Loading door lock

There is a locking system on the loading
door of the machine that prevents
opening of the door in cases when the
water level is unsuitable.
Loading door light will start flashing when
the machine is switched to Pause mode.
Machine checks the level of the water
inside. If the level is suitable, Loading
Door light illuminates steadily within 1-2
minutes and the loading door can be
If the level is unsuitable, Loading Door
light turns off and the loading door cannot
be opened. If you are obliged to open
the Loading Door while the Loading
Door light is off, you have to cancel the
current programme; see "Cancelling the
Changing the selections after
programme has started
Switching the machine to pause
Press the Start / Pause button to switch
the machine to pause mode while a
programme is running. The light of the
step which the machine is in starts
flashing in the Programme Follow-up
indicator to show that the machine has
been switched to the pause mode.
Also, when the loading door is ready to
be opened, Loading Door light will also
illuminate continuously in addition to the
programme step light.
Changing the speed and temperature
settings for auxiliary functions
Depending on the step the programme
has reached, you may cancel or activate
the auxiliary functions; see, "Auxiliary
function selection".
You may also change the speed and
temperature settings; see, "Spin speed
selection" and "Temperature selection".
If no change is allowed, the relevant
light will flash for 3 times.
Adding or taking out laundry
Press the Start / Pause button to switch
the machine to pause mode. The
programme follow-up light of the
relevant step during which the
machine was switched into the pause
mode will flash.
Wait until the Loading Door can be
opened. Open the Loading Door and add
or take out the laundry. Close the Loading
Door. Make changes in auxiliary functions,
temperature and speed settings if
necessary. Press Start / Pause button to
start the machine.

Cancelling the programme

To cancel the programme, turn the
Programme Selection knob to select
another programme. Previous programme
will be canceled. End / Cancel light
will flash continuously to notify that the
programme has been canceled.
Your machine will end the programme
when you turn the Programme Selection
knob; however, it does not drain the
water inside. When you select and start
a new programme, the newly selected

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