First Use; Disposing Of Packaging Material; Transportation Of The Product; Disposing Of The Old Product - Beko WMB61221W Installation & Operating Instructions And Washing Guidance

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First use

Before starting to use the product, make
sure that all preparations are made in
accordance with the instructions in
sections "Important safety instructions"
and "Installation".
To prepare the product for washing
laundry, perform first operation in Drum
Cleaning programme. If your machine
is not featured with Drum Cleaning
programme, use Cottons-90 programme
and select Additional Water or Extra Rinse
auxiliary functions as well. Before starting
the programme, put max. 100 g of
powder anti-limescale into the main wash
detergent compartment (compartment nr.
II). If the anti-limescale is in tablet form,
put only one tablet into compartment nr.
II. Dry the inside of the bellow with a clean
piece of cloth after the programme has
come to an end.
Use an anti-limescale suitable for the
washing machines.
Some water might have remained in
the product due to the quality control
processes in the production. It is not
harmful for the product.

Disposing of packaging material

Packaging materials are dangerous to
children. Keep packaging materials in
a safe place away from reach of the
Packaging materials of the product are
manufactured from recyclable materials.
Dispose of them properly and sort
in accordance with recycled waste
instructions. Do not dispose of them with
normal domestic waste.

Transportation of the product

1. Unplug the product before
transporting it.
2. Remove water drain and water supply
3. Drain the remaining water in the
product completely; see, "Draining
remaining water and cleaning the
pump filter".
4. Install transportation safety bolts
in the reverse order of removal
procedure; see, "Removing the
transportation locks".
Never move the product without the
transportation safety bolts properly
fixed in place!

Disposing of the old product

Dispose of the old product in an
environmentally friendly manner.
Refer to your local dealer or solid waste
collection centre in your area to learn how
to dispose of your product.
For children's safety, cut the power
cable and break the locking mechanism
of the loading door so that it will be
nonfunctional before disposing of the

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