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Beko COOL54FW Installation, Operation & Food Storage Instructions page 9

Fridge freezer


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-15 °C. So you may then install your
appliance in a garage or an unheated
room without having to worry about
frozen food in the freezer being spoilt.
However at low ambient temperatures
mentioned above, fridge contents are
likely to freeze, so check and consume
food in the fridge accordingly. When
the ambient temperature returns to
normal, you may change the setting to
suit your needs.
3. Do not place the appliance near
cookers, radiators or in direct sunlight
as this will cause your appliance to use
more electricity If installed next to a
source of heat or freezer, maintain the
following minimum side clearances:
From Cookers 50 mm (2")
From Radiators 300 mm (12")
From Freezers 25 mm (1")
4. Make sure that sufficient room is
provided around the appliance to
ensure free air circulation.
Fit the two plastic wall spacers
supplied with the appliance onto
the condenser on the back of the
appliance by rotating 1/4 turn(See
5. The fridge/freezer should be located
on a smooth surface. The two front
feet can be adjusted as required. To
ensure that your appliance is standing
upright adjust the two front feet by
turning clockwise or anti-clockwise,
until the product is in firm contact with
the floor. Correct adjustment of feet
avoids excessive vibration and noise.
6. Refer to cleaning and care section
to prepare your appliance for use.
A special receptacle is supplied to
store the mains plug during transit.
The receptacle is fixed at the back
of the cabinet, on the side of the
(See diagram) Gently remove the plug
from the receptacle. Never pull the
mains cord, you may damage the
appliance. In the case of
ensure you locate the plug in the
receptacle provided to avoid transit


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