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Maintenance And Cleaning - Beko COOL54FW Installation, Operation & Food Storage Instructions

Fridge freezer


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Maintenance and cleaning

** We recommend that you switch
off the appliance at the socket outlet
and pull out the mains plug before
** Never use any sharp abrasive
instrument, soap, household cleaner,
detergent and wax polish for cleaning.
** Use luke warm water to clean the
cabinet of the appliance and wipe it
** Use a damp cloth wrung out
in a solution of one teaspoon of
bicarbonate of soda to one pint of
water to clean the interior and wipe it
** Make sure that no water enters the
lamp housing.
** If the appliance is not going to be
used for a long period of time switch it
off, remove all food, clean it and leave
the door ajar.
** Any dust that gathers on the
condenser, which is located at the
back of the appliance, should be
removed once a year with a vacuum
** Check door seals regularly to ensure
they are clean and free from food
** Removal of door rack
• To remove door racks, remove
all the contents and then simply push
the door rack upwards from the base.
** To remove a freezer drawer, pull
it as far as possible, and then tilt
it upwards, and then pull it out
** To remove the freezer flap door, first
open the door 3" and then gently pull it
off. Make sure that the flap is in place
before closing the freezer door.
** Make sure that the special plastic
container (drain tray) at the back of
the appliance which collects defrost
water is clean at all times. If you want
to remove the tray to clean it follow the
instructions below :
• Switch off at the socket outlet and
pull out the mains plug.
• Push the lug down with the tip of
a screw driver & pull out with a jerk
• Clean the drain tray and wipe it
• Reassemble reversing the
sequence and operations.
** Avoid spillage of food particularly
small items like rice, peas, beans
through the fan guard as they may
cause the cooling system to block and
therefore operate less efficiently.


Table of Contents

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