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Temperature Control And Adjustment - Beko COOL54FW Installation, Operation & Food Storage Instructions

Fridge freezer


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Using your refrigerator
Operating temperatures are controlled
by the thermostat (see diagram)
located on the ceiling of fridge
compartment. Settings may be made
from min, 1 ... 6, max, max being the
coldest position.
When the appliance is switched on
for the first time, the setting should
be adjusted so that after 24 hours,
the average fridge temperature is
no higher than +5°C (+41°F). We
recommend you set the thermostat
half way between the min and max
setting and monitor to obtain the
desired temperature i. e. towards
max you will obtain a colder fridge
temperature and vice versa. Some
sections of the fridge may be cooler or
warmer ( such as the salad crisper and
the top part of the cabinet ) which is
quite normal.
The normal storage temperature of the
freezer should be -18°C (0°F). Lower
temperatures may be obtained by
adjusting setting towards max position.
We recommend that you check
the temperature with an accurate
thermometer to ensure that the
storage compartments are kept to the
desired temperature.
Remember you must take your reading
very quickly since the thermometer
temperature will rise very rapidly after
you remove it from the appliance.
Please remember each time the door
is opened cold air escapes and the
internal temperature rises. Therefore
never leave the door open and ensure
it is closed immediately after food is
put in or removed.
In case of a temporary ice build up in
the fridge compartment, reduce the
thermostat setting to 1, monitoring
at the same time that the fridge
temperature is maximum +5 degrees
C [41 degrees F]. Once the ice build
up disappears and the appliance
starts auto defrosting again as normal,
then you may increase the thermostat
setting, if required.


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