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Beko COOL54FW Installation, Operation & Food Storage Instructions page 12

Fridge freezer


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12.Reposition left hand side feet on
the opposite side.(10)
13.Unscrew and remove the bottom
door hinge pin bushing/door stopper
using a cross-headed screwdriver. (11)
Unscrew and remove the upper door
middle hinge pin bushing/door stopper
using a cross-headed screwdriver.
Important: This part cannot be used
on the opposite side; left hand side
middle hinge pin bushing/door stopper
part is supplied in the plastic bag.(11)
14.Re-fit the upper hinge on the
left hand side using flat-headed
15.Fit upper door left hand side middle
hinge pin bushing/door stopper
supplied in the plastic bag using cross-
headed screwdriver.(13)
16.Reposition three small plastic
plugs on the left hand side, which are
covering middle hinge holes, on the
opposite side to cover holes left empty.
17.Locate and re-fit upper door to
upper hinge and hold the door firmly.
18.Locate the middle hinge pin to
middle hinge pin bushing of upper
door on the left hand side and re-fit the
middle hinge.(16) First fit the left screw
when the door is closed and then fit
the right screw after opening the door
for access.
19.Reposition the screw fitted to lower
hinge hole on the left hand side at the
bottom of the cabinet on the opposite
20.Locate and re-fit lower door to
middle hinge pin and then re-fit the
lower hinge on the left hand side.
21.Carefully stand the appliance
upright and adjust the two front feet if
22.Check that doors open and close
easily, they are aligned correctly and
that there are no gaps allowing ir into
the cabinet. If there are gaps between
the door seal and the cabinet, adjust
the door seal by gently pulling away
from the door using fingers.
23.Check that all the hinge screws are
tightened. Avoid over tightening the
24.Put all items, fittings back in the
25.Fit upper door top trim and front
top panel plastic hinge covers.
Upper door top trim hinge covers are
supplied in the plastic bag.(20)
26.Wait for at least 4 hours to allow the
system to settle before switching on.
27.Once the correct storage
temperatures have been reached in
the appliance, put back all the food.
Using the screws and plastic plugs
supplied in the installation kit inside the
fridge, fit handles to the desired side
(see diagram P12 for locations)


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