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Storing Frozen Food; Freezing Fresh Food - Beko COOL54FW Installation, Operation & Food Storage Instructions

Fridge freezer


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11. Shelves, racks, crisper bins,
drawers, flaps, bottle grippers are all
12. Do not leave frozen food at room
temperature to thaw; the best way to
defrost food is to put it in the fridge
to thaw slowly. Make sure you avoid
defrosting food or food juices drip onto
other food.
13. For hygiene reasons, always
wrap food using a suitable packaging
material before storing in your
appliance to avoid contact with the
appliance surface.


Prepacked commercially frozen food
should be stored in accordance
with the frozen food manufacturer's
instructions for a
storage compartment.
To ensure that the high quality
achieved by the frozen food
manufacturer and the food retailer is
maintained, the following should be
1. Put packets in the freezer as quickly
as possible after purchase.
2. Ensure that contents are labelled
and dated.
3. Do not exceed "Use By", "Best
Before" dates on the packaging.
If there is a power failure do not open
the door. Frozen food should not be
affected if the failure lasts for less than
13 hrs. If the failure is longer, then the
food should be checked and either
eaten immediately or cooked and then


Please observe the following
instructions to obtain the best results.
Do not freeze too large a quantity at
any one time. The quality of the food
is best preserved when it is frozen
right through to the core as quickly as
Do not exceed the freezing capacity
of your appliance in 24 h which is 4 kg
(8.8 lb)
Placing warm food into the freezer
compartment causes the refrigeration
compressor to operate continuously
until the food is frozen solid. This can
temporarily lead to excessive cooling
of the refrigeration compartment.
When freezing fresh food turn the
frozen food
thermostat towards MAX. Small
quantities of food up to 1/2 kg. (1 lb)
can be frozen without having to rotate
the temperature control.
You may place fresh food to be frozen
in any part of the freezer.
Take special care not to mix already
frozen food and fresh food.


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