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Before Operating - Beko COOL54FW Installation, Operation & Food Storage Instructions

Fridge freezer


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Before operating

Final Check
Before you start using the fridge/
freezer check that:
1. The feet have been adjusted for
perfect levelling.
2. The interior is dry and air can
circulate freely at the rear of the
3. Clean the interior as recommended
4. Insert the plug into the wall socket
and switch on the electricity supply.
• When the door is open the fridge
interior light will come on.
5. You will hear a noise as the
compressor starts up. The liquid and
gases sealed within the refrigeration
system may also give rise to noise,
whether the compressor is running or
not which is quite normal.
"Due to operation of the fan inside
the frost free freezer compartment,
overall noise level is slightly higher
in comparison to non-frost free
appliances. This is quite normal and is
not a fault."
6. Set the setting half way between
min and max.
7. Front edges of the cabinet may feel
warm. This is normal. These areas
are designed to be warm to avoid
8. "Do not load the appliance
immediately it is switched on. Wait
until the correct storage temperature
has been reached. We recommend
that you check the temperature
with an accurate thermometer (see;
Temperature Control and Adjustment)"
9. When the freezer reaches the
desired temperature the freezer fan will
stop. When the freezer fan is on, the
noise will be louder when the freezer
door is opened.
10. Avoid spillage of food particularly
small items like rice, peas, beans
through the fan guard as they may
cause the cooling system to block and
therefore operate less efficiently.


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