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Before Using Your Fridge; The Various Function And Possibilities; Information About New Generation Cooling Technology - Electrolux EN3481MOX User Manual

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• Before using your fridge freezer, wipe all parts with a solution of warm water and a
teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate. Then, rinse with clean water and dry. Return all parts
to the fridge freezer after cleaning.
• Install the two plastic distance guides (the parts on the black vanes
-condenser- at the rear) by turning it 90° (as shown in the figure) to
prevent the condenser from touching the wall.
• The distance between the appliance and back wall must be a maximum
of 75 mm.

Before Using your Fridge

• When using your fridge for the first time, or after transportation, keep it
in an upright position for at least 3 hours before plugging into the mains.
This allows efficient operation and prevents damage to the compressor.
• Your fridge may have a smell when it is operated for the first time. This
is normal and the smell will fade away when your fridge starts to cool.
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Information about New Generation Cooling Technology

Fridges with new-generation cooling technology have a different operating
system to static fridges. Other (static) fridges may experience a build up
of ice in the freezer compartment due to door openings and humidity in
the food. In such fridges, regular defrosting is required; the fridge must
be switched off, the frozen food moved to a suitable container and the
ice which has formed in the freezer compartment removed.
In fridges with new-generation cooling technology, a fan blows dry cold
air evenly throughout the fridge and freezer compartments. The cold air
cools your food evenly and uniformly, preventing humidity and ice build-up.
In the refrigerator compartment, air blown by the fan, located at the top
of the refrigerator compartment, is cooled while passing through the gap
behind the air duct. At the same time, the air is blown out through the
holes in the air duct, evenly spreading cool air throughout the refrigerator
There is no air passage between the freezer and refrigerator compartments,
therefore preventing the mixing of odours.
As a result, your fridge, with new-generation cooling technology, provides
you with ease of use as well as a huge volume and aesthetic appearance.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents