Mounting The Device; Installation Recommendations - D-Link DAP-3712 Quick Installation Manual

20 km long range 802.11ac wireless bridge
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Figure 9: Using the Setup Wizard
Configuring the Second DAP-3712
in Client Mode
Follow steps 1-4 of the instructions above
to power on the device. Launch the Setup
Wizard to configure the device in Client
2 .
T o avoid an IP address conflict, change
the IPv4 address so that it is different
from the first DAP-3712's IP address (for
instance, by changing it to,
as in the following screenshot).
Figure 10: Changing the IP Address
On step four of the Setup Wizard
(Wireless), select Client from the drop-
down list. Enter the same SSID and key
that you entered when configuring the
first device.
Quick Installation Guide
Figure 11: Configuring Client Mode
To confirm that wireless connectivity
between the two devices is configured
correctly, navigate to the Status page and
check the information under Associated
Stations (shown below).
Figure 12: Checking Wireless Connectivity

Mounting the Device

Installation Recommendations

If you plan to install the DAP-3712 on a pole,
orient the front of the access point toward the
intended coverage area. The radio antenna
transmits through the front of the access point
but not through the reverse side (where the
bracket is).


Table of Contents

Table of Contents