Preparation Before Installation - D-Link DAP-3712 Quick Installation Manual

20 km long range 802.11ac wireless bridge
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Assembling the Access Point
Assemble the dish of the DAP-3712 by
sliding the two halves together until they
lock in place.
Figure 3: Assembling the Dish
Connect the antenna and base through
the hole in the center of the dish.
Figure 4: Attaching the Antenna
Thread a standard RJ-45 Ethernet cable
through the cover for the PoE port on
the underside of the DAP-3712. Insert the
cable into the PoE port, then attach the
cover to the device.
Quick Installation Guide
Figure 5: Connecting the Ethernet Cable
Connect the adjustment kit to the base of
the DAP-3712 by pressing it in until it clicks
and locks in place. Use the adjustment
kit to position the antenna at the desired
Figure 6: Attaching the Adjustment Kit

Preparation before Installation

Before installing the DAP-3712, check the
distance between the two sides and ensure
that they are within wireless signal range of
each other. It may be helpful to use a Graphic
Information System (GIS) program such as
Google Earth to check for obstructions between
the two sites. If there is an obstruction, it may
help to install the DAP-3712 as high as possible
to prevent the signal from being blocked.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents