Powering The Access Point - D-Link DAP-3712 Quick Installation Manual

20 km long range 802.11ac wireless bridge
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Figure 7: Positioning the DAP-3712 with a GIS
Note: Ensure that both devices have the same
model number and are running the same
firmware version. The radiation pattern and
wireless protocol of the DAP-3712 is designed
for high-performance bridge connectivity. Using
different models or models with mismatched
firmware versions may cause problems, such
as performance degradation or a reduction in
coverage area.

Powering the Access Point

To power the DAP-3712, use a standard Ethernet
cable to connect the PoE port on the DAP-3712
to a 48 V PoE injector.
Cable Requirements
Use a CAT 5 cable with an even sheath. The
Ethernet ports on the DAP-3712 access point
cannot accept a CAT 5 cable that has an uneven
sheath; the RJ-45 connector on the cable will
not fit properly into the receptacle on the
access point.
Configuring the First DAP-3712 in
Access Point Mode
Use an Ethernet cable to connect the LAN
port on the DAP-3712 to the PoE Out port
on the PoE injector. Using another cable,
attach the PoE injector to your switch or
management computer.
Figure 8: Connecting the DAP-3712
Ensure the computer is configured with
the static IP address and a
subnet mask of
Launch a web browser. Enter
in the address field of your browser.
Log in to the administration user interface.
The default login information is:
Username: admin
Password: admin
Follow the Setup Wizard's instructions
to configure the device in Access Point
Mode. Refer to Figure 9: Using the Setup
Wizard for details.
Quick Installation Guide


Table of Contents

Table of Contents