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Sterilization - Hitachi S21 Instruction Manual


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The probe can be sterilized using either ethylen oxide gas (EtO)
sterilization or plasma sterilization (see table below).
Follow the manufacturer's instructions of the sterilizer
regarding usage, temperature and sterilization-time.
The sterilization method and operating conditions are as follows.
Sterilization Method
Plasma Sterilization:
STERRAD® 50, 100S or 200 (*)
Plasma Sterilization:
Sterrad® NX or 100NX (*)
ETO Sterilization
* STERRAD® systems are manufactured by "Johnson & Johnson"
1) Before performing sterilization, check that the operation data
of sterilizer are in conjunction with min. and max. data applicable
for the probe.
2) Do not sterilize the probe by Steam Autoclaving. If you autoclave
it, it suffers serious damage and will be not functional.
Short Cycle
Standard cycle
Gas Type: 10% EO/ 90% HCFC
Temperature: 50-55°C
Exposure Time: More than 120 minutes
Pressurization: 162-200kPa
Depressurization: 13-8kPa
Relative humidity: 40-90%
Aeration is minimum 12 hours
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents