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Point Of Use (Pre-Cleaning); Containment And Transportation; Manual Cleaning And Disinfection - Hitachi S21 Instruction Manual


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4.1 Point of use (Pre-cleaning)

Pre-cleaning should be done immediately after
each use. The procedure is as follows:
1) Remove the probe cover.
2) Clean the probe of all patient's blood or fluid with running
tap water until the surface of the probe looks visually clean.
3) Wipe the whole surface of the probe with gauze pad and remove
superficial visible impurities.

4.2 Containment and transportation

Putting the contaminated equipment into
exclusive shock and damage proof container
for transportation is recommended. It is recommended that
instruments are reprocessed as soon as possible and not later
than 4 hours after usage.

4.3 Manual Cleaning and disinfection

Prepare following items before manual
cleaning and disinfection:
a) Detergent: Cidezyme® (Johnson &
Johnson, #2258) or another cleaning
agent with approved material
compatibility for this medical
b) Disinfectant: Cidex® OPA (Johnson
& Johnson, # 20391) or another
disinfectant with approved
material compatibility for this
medical device
c) Two tanks, one for cleaning and one
for disinfection - optional:
1 additional tank for rinsing with deionized/tap water
(sufficient size for immersion of the immersible part of the
probe at full length)
Soft, fluff free cloth or single use towel
e) Personal protective equipment (gloves, water repellent
protective skirt, face protection mask or protective glasses,
Manual cleaning and
Rinsing after manual
Manual Disinfection
Rinsing after manual
- 9 -
Point of use
Containment and
Manual Cleaning


Table of Contents

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