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Mitsubishi Electric MELSEC AJ65SBT-64AD User Manual

Analog-digital converter module
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Converter Module
Thank you for buying the programmable controller MELSEC Series
Prior to use, please read both this manual and detailed manual
thoroughly and familiarize yourself with the product.
User's Manual



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  Summary of Contents for Mitsubishi Electric MELSEC AJ65SBT-64AD

  • Page 1 User’s Manual (Hardware) AJ65SBT-64AD Thank you for buying the programmable controller MELSEC Series Prior to use, please read both this manual and detailed manual thoroughly and familiarize yourself with the product. MODEL AJ65S-64AD-U-H-JE MODEL 13JT09 CODE IB(NA)-0800138-K(2102)MEE 2000 MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CORPORATION...
  • Page 2  SAFETY PRECAUTIONS  (Read these precautions before using this product.) Before using this product, please read this manual and the relevant manuals carefully and pay full attention to safety to handle the product correctly. These precautions apply only to this equipment. Refer to the user’s manual of the CPU module to use for a description of the programmable controller system safety precautions.
  • Page 3 [Installation Precautions] CAUTION  Use the programmable controller in an environment that meets the general specifications in this manual. Failure to do so may result in electric shock, fire, malfunction, or damage to or deterioration of the product.  For protection of the switches, do not remove the cushioning material before installation.
  • Page 4 [Wiring Precautions] CAUTION  Place the cables in a duct or clamp them. If not, dangling cable may swing or inadvertently be pulled, resulting in damage to the module or cables or malfunction due to poor contact.  Do not install the control lines or communication cables together with the main circuit lines or power cables.
  • Page 5  PRÉCAUTIONS DE SÉCURITÉ  (Lire ces précautions avant toute utilisation du produit.) Avant d'utiliser ce produit, lire attentivement ce manuel ainsi que les manuels auxquels il renvoie, et toujours considérer la sécurité comme de la plus haute importance en manipulant le produit correctement. Ces précautions ne concernent que cet équipement.
  • Page 6 [Précautions d'installation] ATTENTION  Utiliser l'automate programmable dans un environnement en conformité avec les spécifications générales que présente ce manuel. Faute de quoi, il a risque d'électrocution, de départ de feu, de dysfonctionnement, d'endommagement ou de détérioration du produit.  Pour la protection des commutateurs, ne pas enlever le matériau de rembourrage avant l'installation.
  • Page 7 [Pécautions de câblage] ATTENTION  Serrer les vis de borne dans les limites du couple de serrage prescrit. Un serrage insuffisant peut être à l'origine d'un court-circuit ou de disfonctionnements. Un serrage excessif risque d'endommager la vis et/ou le module et peut être à...
  • Page 8 [PRÉCAUTIONS DE MISE EN SERVICE ET DE MAINTENANCE] ATTENTION  Ne toucher à aucun des bornes quand le système est sous tension. Cela pourrait être à l'origine de dysfonctionnements.  Avant de nettoyer le module ou de resserrer les vis de borne, couper l'alimentation externe du système sur toutes les phases.
  • Page 9  CONDITIONS OF USE FOR THE PRODUCT  (1) Mitsubishi programmable controller ("the PRODUCT") shall be used in conditions; i) where any problem, fault or failure occurring in the PRODUCT, if any, shall not lead to any major or serious accident; and ii) where the backup and fail-safe function are systematically or automatically provided outside of the PRODUCT for the case of any problem, fault or failure occurring in the PRODUCT.
  • Page 10 REVISIONS *The manual number is given on the bottom right of the cover. Print Date *Manual Number Revision Sep., 2000 IB(NA)-0800138-A First printing July, 2002 IB(NA)-0800138-B Partial correction Contact address (Back cover) Mar., 2005 IB(NA)-0800138-C Addition Section 2.3 Correction SAFETY PRECAUTIONS, Conformation to the EMC Directive and Low Voltage Instruction, Chapter 1, Section 2.1, 2.2, 5.2, Chapter 7...
  • Page 11 This manual confers no industrial property rights or any rights of any other kind, nor does it confer any patent licenses. Mitsubishi electric Corporation cannot be held responsible for any problems involving industrial property rights which may occur as a result of using the contents noted in this manual.
  • Page 12: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS 1. OVERVIEW ....................1 2. SPECIFICATION ..................1 2.1 General specifications ................1 2.2 Performance specifications............... 3 2.3 Checking hardware versions ..............4 3. NAME OF EACH PART ................. 5 4. LOADING AND INSTALLATION ..............7 4.1 Precautions when handling............... 7 4.2 Installation environment ................
  • Page 13: Overview

    1. OVERVIEW This user's manual explains the specifications, names and setting of parts, wiring and others of Type AJ65SBT-64AD analog-digital converter module (hereafter abbreviated to the “AJ65SBT-64AD”) which is used as a remote device station of a CC-Link system. 2. SPECIFICATION 2.1 General specifications The general specifications of the AJ65SBT-64AD are shown below.
  • Page 14 *3 Do not use or store the programmable controller under pressure higher than the atmospheric pressure of altitude 0m. Doing so may cause malfunction. When using the programmable controller under pressure, please consult your local Mitsubishi Electric representative.
  • Page 15: Performance Specifications

    2.2 Performance specifications The performance specifications of the AJ65SBT-64AD are shown below. Item Specification Voltage -10 to 10V DC (input resistance 1M) Analog input Current 0 to 20mA DC (input resistance 250) Digital output 16-bit signed binary (-4096 to +4095) Accuracy Analog input Digital...
  • Page 16: Checking Hardware Versions

    Item Specification Supported DIN rail TH35-7.5Fe, TH35-7.5Al (conforming to IEC 60715) 24V DC (ripple ratio: within 5%) (allowable voltage range 20.4 to 26.4V DC) External supply power Inrush current: 8.5A, within 2.3ms Current consumption: 0.090A (at 24VDC) Weight 0.20kg Point A/D conversion values are fluctuated by self-heating within approx.
  • Page 17: Name Of Each Part

    3. NAME OF EACH PART The name of each part in the AJ65SBT-64AD is shown. Name and Number Description appearance ON : Power supply on PW LED OFF : Power supply off : Normal operation Normal Flashing : 0.1s intervals indicate an input range error. mode : 24VDC power supply shutoff or watchdog timer error occurred.
  • Page 18 Name and Number Description appearance Normal Normally OFF. OFFSET mode Offset/gain GAIN adjusting LEDs Test The LEDs lit change every time the SELECT/SET mode switch is moved to SELECT. SELECT/SET Used to make offset/gain setting in the test mode. switch Use the switches in STATION NO.
  • Page 19: Loading And Installation

    4. LOADING AND INSTALLATION 4.1 Precautions when handling The following is an explanation of handling precautions of the module. (1) Do not drop or apply any strong impact to the module. (2) Tighten the mounting screws of the module within the following ranges. Screw location Tightening torque range Module mounting screw (M4 screw)
  • Page 20: Data Link Cable Wiring

    5. DATA LINK CABLE WIRING 5.1 Connection of the CC-Link dedicated cables Connect the CC-Link dedicated cable between the AJ65SBT-64AD and master module as shown below. Master module AJ65SBT-64AD I/O module, etc. (Blue) (Blue) (Blue) (Blue) (White) (White) (White) (White) Terminal Terminal (Yellow)
  • Page 21: Wiring

    6. WIRING 6.1 Wiring precautions To obtain maximum performance from the functions of AJ65SBT-64AD and improve the system reliability, an external wiring with high durability against noise is required. The precautions when performing external wiring are as follows: (1) Use separate cables for the AC and AJ65SBT-64AD external input signals, in order not to be affected by the AC side surge or conductivity.
  • Page 22 *1 Use a two-core twisted shield line for the power cable. *2 Indicates the AJ65SBT-64AD input resistor. *3 For the current input, be sure to connect the (V+) and (I+) terminals. *4 When noise or ripple occurs with the external cable, connect a condenser with about 0.1 to 0.47µF (25V or higher voltage-resistant product) between the terminal V and COM.
  • Page 23: External Dimensions

    7. EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS The external dimensions of the AJ65SBT-64AD are shown below. The appearance of the AJ65SBT-64AD varies depending on the hardware version. For checking method of the hardware version, refer to Section 2.3. (1) Hardware version F or later (4.5) (4.5) 2-4.5...
  • Page 24 MEMO...
  • Page 25 MEMO...
  • Page 26 WARRANTY Mitsubishi will not be held liable for damage caused by factors found not to be the cause of Mitsubishi; machine damage or lost profits caused by faults in the Mitsubishi products; damage, secondary damage, accident compensation caused by special factors unpredictable by Mitsubishi;...