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Loading And Installation; Precautions When Handling; Installation Environment - Mitsubishi Electric MELSEC AJ65SBT-64AD User Manual

Analog-digital converter module
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4.1 Precautions when handling

The following is an explanation of handling precautions of the module.
(1) Do not drop or apply any strong impact to the module.
(2) Tighten the mounting screws of the module within the following ranges.
Module mounting screw (M4 screw)
Terminal block terminal screw (M3 screw)
Vis de borne du bornier FG (vis M3)
Terminal block mounting screw (M3.5 screw)

4.2 Installation environment

Never install the A series programmable controller in the following environments:
(1) Locations where the ambient temperature is outside the range of 0 to 55C.
(2) Locations where the ambient humidity is outside the range of 10 to 90%RH.
(3) Locations where dew condensation takes place due to sudden temperature
(4) Locations where there are corrosive and/or combustible gasses.
(5) Locations where there is a high level of conductive power (such as dust and
iron filings, oil mist, salt, and organic solvents).
(6) Locations exposed to the direct rays of the sun.
(7) Locations where strong power and magnetic fields are generated.
(8) Locations where vibration and shock are directly transmitted to the main
Screw location
Tightening torque range
0.78 to 1.08Nm
0.59 to 0.88Nm
0,59 à 0,88N•m
0.68 to 0.98Nm



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