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How To Use - Black & Decker Chill Buster 100HF Series Use And Care Book Manual

Blackanddecker 100hf heaters: user guide
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Table of Contents
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Product may vary slightly from what is illustrated.
1. Room Select™ Control (200HF, 201HF, 300HF, 301HF and BDHF200 models)
2. CAUTION indicator light
3. Power indicator light
4. Thermostat control
5. Soft-grip handle
6. Battery (under unit) (200HF, 201HF and BDHF200 models)
7. Stable feet
8. Oscillate lever (300HF, 301HF models)
9. Tip-over switch (under unit)
10. Front/back grilles
11. Fan only setting
12. High/low lever (100HF, 101HF models)
13. Digital thermometer (200HF, 201HF and BDHF200 models)
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How to Use

This appliance is intended for household use only.
Important: For warranty verification, do not remove line cord sticker.
The Advanced Safety Technology™ (AST) system features unique technology built
into your heater that offers protection detailed in the "Special Features" section.
During the first few minutes of initial use, you may notice a slight odor. This is
normal and will quickly disappear. This heater is intended for use on a flat, stable
surface, such as a floor, tabletop, shelf, or desk in a location where the airflow
grille openings won't be obstructed. Do not use in wet or moist locations, like
bathrooms or laundry areas, or in areas where paint or other flammable or
volatile liquids are used or stored.
Caution: Be sure no other appliances are plugged into same circuit with
heater/fan. A circuit overload could occur.
1. Be sure dial is in OFF position before plugging in unit. Plug
into an AC outlet. For 100HF, 101HF models, choose HIGH
for large rooms and LOW for smaller rooms. For 200HF,
201HF, 300HF, 301HF and BDHF200 models with Room
Select™ Control, turn room select dial to the appropriate
setting for a small (approx. 10'x10'/3m x3m), medium (approx. 12'x12'/3.8m x
3.8m) or large room (approx. 12'x 16'/3.8m x5m) (A).
2. Turn thermostat control to HOT to activate heater/fan. Once desired room
temperature is achieved, turn thermostat control toward FROST WATCH until
fan cycles off. The heat will now cycle on/off to maintain a comfortable level.
3. To use as a fan without heat, move dial to FAN ONLY and thermostat control
toward HOT until fan begins to operate. No heating will occur in this mode.
4. The POWER indicator light shows heater is switched on and operating. It
continues to glow even if the thermostat has cycled and the heating elements
are off. Even though this unit has a cool-touch housing, both the front and back
grilles will get hot. Be careful not to touch them.
5. Frost watch: When heater is plugged in and POWER indicator light is on, you
can select any setting for room size (depending on your model) and leave
thermostat control on the lowest setting. Your heater/fan will remain off unless
temperature drops below (40° F/4°C). If this happens, FROST WATCH will
automatically cycle heater/fan on.
6. For 300HF, 301HF models with oscillating feature, slide the
lever on base of unit to OSCILLATION ON (B).
7. For 200HF, 201HF and BDHF200 models with a built-in
digital thermometer, check thermometer to see area
temperature. Depending on model, it will be displayed in
either °F or °C (C). Digital thermometer runs on batteries and
is not affected by whether or not the unit is plugged in. The
batteries are already installed. To activate thermometer, turn
unit over and pull plastic tab out of battery cover on under
side of unit. To change batteries, unscrew battery cover on
underside of unit and pull on the ribbons to pop old batteries

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents