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Something not Working
Problems may be due to causes which can easily be solved before calling the Technical Service. Please follow
these instructions:
Door does not close
It is too warm inside the refrigerator
It is too cold inside the refrigerator
The compressor works continuously.
There is water inside/outside the refrigerator.
Water comes out on the floor.
Customer service and spare parts
If you cannot find the remedy for a malfunction in
these operating instructions, please contact your deal-
er or our customer service department and consult the
Guarantee card.
Selective ordering of replacement parts can save
unnecessary travel and costs. For this reason always
provide the following appliance information:
• Model Name
• Erzeugnis-Nummer (PNC)
• Serial Number (S-No.)
Technical specifications
The technical data is indicated in the rating plate on the left side inside the appliance.
If there is a power failure when food is in the freezer, do not open the door of the freezer com-
partment. The frozen food will not be affected if the power cut is of short duration (up to 12 hours) and
the freezer compartment is full, otherwise, it is recommended that the food should be used within a short
time (a temperature increase of the frozen food shortens its safe storage period).
Weight surpasses the storage limit of the door shelf so spread weight
more evenly or take some products out.The appliance is not properly
installed. Please look in the "Building-in" section.
Set a lower temperature.
Distribute the food products to allow cold air to circulate around them.
Make sure that the door is completely closed and that the insulating
strip is complete and clean.The temperature where the cabinet is pla-
ced is above normal room temperature.
Set a warmer temperature.
Turn the thermostat knob to a lower number.
The temperature where the cabinet is placed is above normal
room temperature.
Check that the ventilation is sufficient and that the ventilation openings
are unobstructed. The cause could be the introduction of large quanti-
ties of food and/or frequent opening/closing of the door.
Sometimes is normal. During automatic defrosting frost thaws on the
cooling plate.
Place the drain hose at the back of the cabinet above the drain bowl.
Sometimes this is normal. Temperature control may cause clicking
sounds when the
system is connected or disconnected.
The injected cooling gas may produce a gurgling sound while passing
through the tubes.
The motor may cause a humming noise and/or slight bumping.
The insulation material used has a tendency to slighly increase noise
levels, how ever it allows for much better insulation and a lower ener-
gy consumption.
This information can be found on the rating plate
inside the cabenit on the left hand wall. W e rec-
ommend that you enter this information here, so
that it is handy if needed.


Table of Contents

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