Sony FIU-710 Puppy Instruction Manual

Fingerprint identification unit
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  Summary of Contents for Sony FIU-710 Puppy

  • Page 2 Training Your Puppy Unit ® A Guide to Installing and Using Your Sony FIU-710 Fingerprint Identity Token with I/O Software’s ® SecureSuite XS Workstation Software Page 2 Training Your Puppy® Unit...
  • Page 3 ©2003 Sony Electronics Inc. All rights reserved. Features and specifications are subject to change without notice. Sony, Puppy, and the Puppy logo are trademarks of Sony. SecureSuite XS, SecureLogon, SecureLaunch, SecureFolder, and SecureSession are products and trademarks of I/O Software, Inc. Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
  • Page 4 Thanks for purchasing (shall we say adopting?) a Sony Puppy® fingerprint identity token. We think you’ll find it to be easy-to-use and a convenient tool in your day-to-day interactions with your computer. Just think…you won’t need to worry about passwords any more! And you can be assured that your fingerprints are protected, as they are being matched and processed on the fingerprint unit sitting on your desk.
  • Page 5: Section 1: You And Your Puppy® Fingerprint Identity Token

    Capacitance sensors cannot be fooled by paper copies and do not require cleaning. Connections Sony’s Puppy fingerprint identity units connect to your Windows® 2000/XP operating system- equipped PC with a USB connector. Please be sure to connect the Puppy device directly to your PC’s USB port or to a powered...
  • Page 6 1. The Puppy® unit reads the patterns of ridges and valleys on the portion of your finger between the tip and the first bend in your finger. Do not simply put the tip of your finger on the sensor and hope for the unit to detect it! And don’t turn your finger to the right or the left, or place it upside down…...
  • Page 7: Section 2: Installing The Software

    If the Client is not present, click the Install or Add button, then select Client and press OK. The list of available clients will then be available. We highly recommend that you select Client for Microsoft Networks. If no connection is available or established, please contact Sony or your administrator. Training Your Puppy® Unit...
  • Page 8 4. Connect your FIU710 Puppy® unit when prompted to do so. 5. Restart your computer when prompted. Note that it may take several minutes at this first restart for the software to finish the installation process. Your screen may look blank, though your mouse cursor will be able to move.
  • Page 9: Section 3: Enrolling Your Fingerprints On The Puppy® Device

    To enroll an existing user with the FIU-710 fingerprint identity token: 1. On your first restart after installing SecureSuiteXS Workstation, depending on your operating system, you will see the following: Additional user licenses are available. Contact Sony for more details. Training Your Puppy® Unit Page 9...
  • Page 10 • If you are an administrator, you will see a dialog box containing a Manage Users tab. You can click on the Manage Users button, or from the Start menu, select Programs, SecureSuite, and click SecureSuite User Manager, or right-click SecureSuite icon on the system tray and click SecureSuite User Manager.
  • Page 11 2. Select the user account to which you wish to assign the fingerprint authentication method. If you are working on a Windows® 2000 or Professional system, Properties from the Action menu. For Windows XP Home systems, select Properties from the User menu. 3.
  • Page 12 4. Select the Authentication Methods tab and click the Add button. The Add Authentication Device dialog appears. 6. When the Fingerprint Enrollment Wizard appears, click Next. Select a fingerprint to enroll by clicking its image with your mouse, and click Next. 7.
  • Page 13 10. If more than one method has been added, a method priority icon will appear between each pair of devices in the Current Methods and Devices list view in the Authentication Methods tab of this user’s Properties dialog. This icon specifies the relationship between this user’s authentication devices.
  • Page 14 Page 14 11. To specify a method that the user will be prompted to use first when authenticating, select the method and use the green method priority arrows on the right side of the Authentication Methods tab of the Properties dialog to move the desired method to the top of the list.
  • Page 15: Section 4: Using Securesuite® Xs Workstation

    Section 4: Using SecureSuite® XS Workstation This section provides you with the basic tools needed to use your Puppy® device with I/O Software’s SecureSuite XS Workstation software to logon to your PC, replace passwords in applications and Microsoft Internet Explorer, and secure your files from prying eyes. Advanced settings and configuration instructions are explained in the SecureSuite XS Workstation Guide on the enclosed CD.
  • Page 16 SecureFolder® Secures single files and folders. With a simple right-click on a folder you get the option to Secure or Unsecure it, allowing only the authenticated user to view its contents. To work with single files just "drag and drop" the files out of and back into a secured folder.
  • Page 17: Section 5: Uninstalling The Puppy® Device And Securesuite® Xs Workstation Software

    Section 5: Uninstalling the Puppy® Device and SecureSuite® XS Workstation Software Important: You must be logged in as an Administrator to uninstall the software. Important: Unsecure any secured folders before you uninstall SecureSuite® XS Workstation; otherwise the data is permanently lost. Important: Please turn off your screensaver or computer lock timer before uninstalling SecureSuite XS Workstation.
  • Page 18 Procedure #2 1. Logon as a user with Administrator privileges. 2. Open SecureSuite System Settings by right-clicking on the SecureSuite icon in the system tray. 3. Click on Authentication Methods in the left pane, and then in the BioToken category, right-click on FIU-710.
  • Page 19: Section 6: Release Notes

    Section 6: Release Notes • SecureSuite® XS Workstation 4.01 does not support Remote Desktop functionality at this time. • In rare instances after recovery from hibernation or standby mode, the FIU-710 Puppy® unit might not be recognized. If this occurs, please click Cancel or OK and unplug the device.
  • Page 20: Section 7: Frequently Asked Questions (Faq)

    SecureSuite® XS Workstation. If you need to access the PKI functions for particular applications, or plan to use the FIU-710 with a dedicated PKI architecture, Sony can provide you with an appropriate software utility.
  • Page 21 How can I enroll more than 5 distinct users on the FIU-710? SecureSuite XS Workstation ships with a license for 5 distinct users. In order to enable more users, please contact Sony. Training Your Puppy® Unit Page 21...
  • Page 22 After enrolling a new user on my system, I notice that any finger (even the wrong one!) will allow me to access the PC. This is obviously not very secure…why is this happening?? You did not enter a password when setting up the new user. Windows® interprets the lack of a password to mean that this user account does not require secure access.
  • Page 23 I just put my computer in standby mode and then took it out of standby mode. The SecureSuite® XS Workstation software does not recognize that the FIU-710 unit is plugged in. What do I do? In rare instances after recovery from hibernation or standby mode, the FIU-710 Puppy® unit might not be recognized.
  • Page 24: Section 8: Who To Contact

    Section 8: Who to Contact? If you have any problems with your Puppy® unit or the SecureSuite® XS Workstation software, need more information on other Sony products, or have specific questions relating to your installation, please contact Sony via the information provided below.