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Sony FIU-710 Puppy Instruction Manual page 4

Fingerprint identification unit
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Thanks for purchasing (shall we say adopting?) a Sony Puppy® fingerprint identity token. We
think you'll find it to be easy-to-use and a convenient tool in your day-to-day interactions with
your computer. Just won't need to worry about passwords any more! And you can
be assured that your fingerprints are protected, as they are being matched and processed on the
fingerprint unit sitting on your desk.
This handy guide will assist you in setting up, using, and maintaining your Puppy unit to obtain
the best results. Note that this guide is set up in several sections:
• Section 1: You and Your Puppy Fingerprint Identity Token provides general advice for
using the Puppy unit, including connection and finger placement.
• Section 2: Installing the Software is a step-by-step walkthrough for SecureSuite® XS
Workstation installation.
• Section 3: Enrolling Your Fingerprints on the Puppy Device discusses the registration of
your fingerprints, as well as specific usage, settings, and troubleshooting for the Puppy
• Section 4: Using SecureSuite XS Workstation shows you how to easily logon to your PC,
replace your passwords, and control access to your PC and applications.
• Section 5: Uninstalling the Puppy Device and SecureSuite XS Workstation Software
describes how to remove the software and hardware from your PC.
• Section 6: Release Notes covers specific limitations or issues imposed by the Puppy
device and associated software.
• Section 7: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) lists a number of common questions and
answers regarding installation and use of the FIU-710 device and SecureSuite XS
Workstation software.
• Section 8: Who to Contact? provides contact information and websites for additional
information, technical support, and software updates.
Throughout this guide, you will see text and headings in blue. This indicates an important notice
that you will need to pay special attention to.
For specific questions regarding advanced settings and configuration of the SecureSuite XS
Workstation software package, please be sure to refer to the SecureSuite XS Workstation
Guide on the enclosed CD.
This guide and the SecureSuite XS Workstation Guide are provided in Adobe® Acrobat® format on the CD. If
you do not already have the Adobe Acrobat® Reader® application installed, you can download the free Acrobat
Reader at
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Training Your Puppy® Unit



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