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Driving Safety; Speed Cam Alert - HP F920x User Manual

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3.3 Driving Safety

The following driving safety function is for reference only.
Drivers are advised to exercise discretion based on actual road
1. The Driving Safety function is limited to triggering no more than two alarms at the same time. If a
voice and alert message have been triggered, any other alarm will be ignored until either of the two is
2. Satellite positioning must be completed before functions such as Speed Cam Alert, Speed Position
Management, Speed Limit Alert, LDWS and FCWS to be enabled. Be sure to check that Satellite
positioning has been completed prior to using the product.
3. The detections of LDWS and FCWS may be inaccurate when used in rain, at night or in environments
of insufficient lighting. Drivers are advised to exercise discretion based on actual road conditions.

3.3.1 Speed Cam Alert

If the Speed Cam Alert function is enabled, once your car's location is
determined by GPS and approaches a speed cam, this product produces
audible alert and screen message.
To enable the Speed Cam Alert, do the following:
Press the
Press the
press the
Press the
button to enable the function.
Press the
The alarm screen turns red to remind you to slow down if you are
driving faster than the speed limit.
The speed cam alert function must have the speed cam datum from the country you use. The function
will be void if the product is used in any others countries. Please consult with the shop you purchased
if the function is void. There is no guarantee the speed cam datum will be included for the worldwide
button to enter the OSD menu.
button to select Speed Cam Alert, and then
button for entering function menu.
button to select On, and then press the
button to return recording screen.


Table of Contents