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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents About this Guide..............3 FCC Statement..............3 WEEE Notice................3 CE Regulatory Notice............4 Notes on Installation.............4 Caution .................4 Introduction..............6 Features ..............6 Package Contents .............6 Product Overview ............7 Getting Started ..............8 Inserting the Memory Card........8 Installing in Vehicles ..........9 2.2.1 Mount to Windshield ........9 2.2.2 Adjust the device position......10 Connecting to Power ..........

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    3.1.1 Record videos while driving......14 3.1.2 Record all other types of videos ....14 3.1.3 Emergency Recording ........15 3.1.4 The Recording Screen........16 3.1.5 Taking Snapshot ...........17 3.1.6 4 GRID FUNCTION CHART in the LCD screen ..17 Playback Videos and Photos........18 3.2.1 Playing Videos ..........19 3.2.2 Viewing Photos ..........19...

  • Page 4: About This Guide, Fcc Statement, Weee Notice

    About this Guide The content in this document is for information purpose and is subject to change without prior notice. We made every effort to ensure that this User Guide is accurate and complete. However, no liability is assumed for any errors and omissions that may have occurred. The manufacturer reserves the right to change the technical specifications without prior notice.

  • Page 5: Ce Regulatory Notice, Notes On Installation, Caution

    CE Regulatory Notice This equipment complies with the requirements set out in the Council Directives on the Approximation of the Laws of the Member States relating Electromagnetic Compatibility (2004/108/EC); the Low Voltage Directive (2006/95/EC); the Restriction of The Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical And Electronic Equipment Directive (2002/95/EC), Turkish EEE Directive;...

  • Page 6

    They are for your reference only.  The HP Car Camcorder f210 is intended for non-commercial use, within the limits permitted by applicable law. Hewlett-Packard Company is NOT responsible for the loss of any data/content during operation.

  • Page 7: Introduction, Features, Package Contents

    1 Introduction Thank you for purchasing this advanced Car Recorder. This device is specifically designed for real time video and audio recording when driving. 1.1 Features  Full HD camera (1920x1080 @ 30fps)  2.4” LCD color screen  128 degree Wide angle lens ...

  • Page 8: Product Overview

    1.3 Product Overview Front View Top and Bottom Views Side (Left and Right) Views Rear View Item Item Bracket Socket LED Light Microphone LCD Panel Power Button Up Button ( Memory Card Slot Down Button ( USB Connector Enter Button ( HD(Mini HDMI) Connector Wide Angle Lens Back Button (...

  • Page 9: Getting Started, Inserting The Memory Card

    2 Getting Started 2.1 Inserting the Memory Card Insert the memory card with the gold contacts facing the back of the camcorder. Push the memory card until it clicks into place. (Use class 6or above the micro SD cards for this camcorder; It is recommended to format the micro SD cards before the initial use.) To remove the memory card Push to eject the memory card out of the slot.

  • Page 10: Installing In Vehicles, Mount To Windshield

    2.2 Installing in Vehicles 2.2.1 Mount to Windshield Attach the bracket to the device. Slide it into the bracket holder until you hear a click. With the suction-cup laying flat, position the suction-cup on the windshield. Hold the base firmly on the windshield and press down the clamp to mount the car holder to the windshield.

  • Page 11: Adjust The Device Position

    2.2.2 Adjust the device position Loose the knob to swivel the device vertically. Knob Loose the knob to swivel the device horizontally up to 360°. Knob Then tighten the knob to make sure the device is securely locked in place.

  • Page 12: Connecting To Power

    2.3 Connecting to Power Use only the supplied car adapter to power up the device and charge the built-in battery. Connect one end of the car adapter to the USB connector of the camcorder. Plug the other end of the car charger to the cigarette lighter socket of your vehicle.

  • Page 13: Auto Power On/off, Manual Power On/off

    2.4 Powering the Camcorder On / Off 2.4.1 Auto Power On/Off Once the vehicle engine is started, the device automatically turns on. If the Automatic Record function is enabled, the recording will automatically start right after the camcorder powers on. See Set Automatic Recording (2.5.1).

  • Page 14: Initial Settings, Set Automatic Recording, Set The Date And Time

    2.5 Initial Settings Before using the device, we recommend you to enable the Automatic Record function and set up the correct date and time. 2.5.1 Set Automatic Recording To enable the recording to start automatically after you turn on the power, do the following: Press the button to enter the OSD menu.

  • Page 15: Using The Car Recorder, Recording Videos, Record Videos While Driving

    3 Using the Car Recorder 3.1 Recording Videos 3.1.1 Record videos while driving When the vehicle engine starts up and the Automatic Record function is enabled, the camcorder automatically turns on and starts recording. Recording will automatically stop when the engine is switched off. Or, press the button to stop recording manually.

  • Page 16: Emergency Recording

    3.1.3 Emergency Recording During Video Recording, press the button to enter emergency recording mode, the “Emergency” message will be shown immediately on the upper left corner of the screen, and the recorded file will be protected. To stop the recording, press the button.

  • Page 17: The Recording Screen

    3.1.4 The Recording Screen Item Description Duration Indicates the recording duration. Date and time Indicates the current recording date and time. You will see the 4 GRID FUNCTION CHART Guide icon in the LCD screen after you push (Menu) button. ( Please refer to 3.1.6 explanation ) Add speed Press the button to add a speed cam...

  • Page 18: Grid Function Chart In The Lcd Screen

    3.1.5 Taking Photographs You can also use this camcorder to take photos of the current scene. From the standby screen, press the button to take a photo. Note: If recording is in progress, press the button to stop the recording first. 3.1.6 4 GRID FUNCTION CHART in the LCD screen Please push button when you are recording, then you can see...

  • Page 19: Playback Videos And Photos

    3.2 Playback Videos and Photos If recording is in progress, press the button to stop recording. The standby screen is displayed. Press the button to enter the OSD menu. Press the button to select the file category that you want to browse and press the button.

  • Page 20: Playing Videos, Viewing Photos

    3.2.1 Playing Videos To play videos, do the following: If recording is in progress, press the button to stop recording. Press the button to enter the OSD menu. Press the button to select File Playback and press the button. Press the button to select Video or Emergency and press the button.

  • Page 21: The Playback Screen

    3.2.3 The Playback Screen Video Playback Screen Photo Playback Screen Description Item Date and time Indicates the recorded date and time. Press the button to return to file selection Guide icon display. (Back) Press the button to view the previous Guide icon video/photo.

  • Page 22: Deleting Files

    3.2.4 Deleting Files To delete file(s), do the following: If recording is in progress, press the button to stop recording. Press the button to enter the OSD menu. Press the button to select File Deletion and press the button. Press the button to select the file category and press the button.

  • Page 23: Adjusting The Settings, Using The Menu

    4 Adjusting the Settings 4.1 Using the Menu You can customize the video recording and other general settings via the on-screen display (OSD) menus. If recording is in progress, press the button to stop recording. Press the button to open the OSD menu. Press the button to select a menu option and press the button to enter the selected menu.

  • Page 24: Menu Tree

    4.2 Menu Tree Refer to the below table for details on menu items and available menu options. Menu option Description Available option Select the file category Video / Emergency / File Playback that you want to view. Picture Displays the current state Satellite Status of the satellite reception.

  • Page 25

    Menu option Description Available option Warns the driver when the Speed Cam Alert vehicle is approaching a Voice Alert / Off speed camera. Enable / Disable the Automatic device to automatically On / Off Record record video after the device is turned on. Set the recording duration Record Interval for each recorded video...

  • Page 26

    Menu option Description Available option Add speed point: The satellite positioning will manually add speed to the camera location. You Speed Position can add up to 200 speed Add speed point / Management camera locations to the Delete speed point built-in system.

  • Page 27: Installing The Software

    5 Installing the Software 1. Place the CD disc bundled with the car camcorder in your PC/Laptop optical drive. 2. If the CD does not execute automatically, please use Windows File Manager to execute the Install_CD.exe file in the CD. The following screen will be shown up.

  • Page 28: Supercar

    6 SuperCar Item Item Video Player File Path Play / Pause Browser File Previous File List Next File Name Stop Volume Current Duration / Total Google Map Duration Compass Signal Noise Ratio (SNR) Speed Meter G-Sensor Note: 1. To display the route on Google Maps, please make sure the internet is connected before starting the video playback 2.

  • Page 29: Specifications

    Specifications Item Description Image sensor 1/3” CMOS sensor 2304 (H) x 1536 (V) Effective pixels Storage media Supports Micro SDHC, up to 32GB class 6 or above LCD display 2.4” LCD color TFT (112K pixels) Wide Angle Fixed Focus lens Lens F2.4, f=3.0mm Focus range...

  • Page 30

    Item Description Built-in 470mAH Li-polymer rechargeable (This battery Battery is NOT replaceable) Operating -10° ~ 60° C Temperature Operating 20 ~ 70% RH Humidity Storage -20° ~ 80° C Temperature 70 mm x 63 mm x 31 mm (2.7 in x 2.5 in x 1.2 in) Dimensions Weight Approx.

  • Page 31

    Copyright © 2013 All rights reserved. All other marks, products or company names mentioned in this guide are trademarks of their respective companies.

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