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Add Speed Point; Speed Limit Alert - HP F920x User Manual

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3.3.2 Add Speed Point

You may customize speed cam positions in this product.
When the GPS positioning is completed , press
camera point manually.
This product features a capacity of 50 speed cam positions. In case
you are trying to add more than that the system prompts with
message "Speed Position is full".
You may delete custom speed cam positions by selecting the Delete Last Position or Delete All
Position option from the Speed Position Management menu. Please note that all of your existing
speed cam positions are deleted once the Delete All Position option is selected. Make sure you are
ready to recreate your custom speed cam positions before running this option.

3.3.3 Speed Limit Alert

If the Speed Limit Alert function is enabled, this product produces
audible alert and screen message once your car's location is determined
by GPS and its running speed exceeds the set limit.
To set the Speed Limit Alert, do the following:
Press the
the OSD menu.
Press the
Speed Limit Alert, and then
press the
entering function menu.
Press the
set up a Speed Limit Alert to
trigger this product's alarm [Off /
50 ~ 200 km/h (30~125 mph)], and then press the
to complete setting.
Press the
The screen pops up red icon to remind you to slow down when you
are driving faster than the set speed limit.
button to enter
/ button to select
button for
button to
button to return recording screen.
to add speed