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Emergency Recording; Picture In Video - HP F920x User Manual

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3.1.2 Emergency Recording

To Start the Emergency Recording, do
the following:
During Video Recording, press
emergency recording mode, the
"Emergency" message will be
shown immediately on the upper
left corner of the screen, and the
recorded file will be protected.
The emergency video recording length is same as the recording
interval setting. When the emergency recording length reaches the
setting, the system will return to the general recording mode.
1. If the Collision Detection function is enabled and a collision is detected, the camcorder will
automatically trigger the emergency recording.
2. The emergency file is created as a new file and saved in Emergency folder, which will be protected
to avoid being overwritten by normal loop recording. The Emergency folder will occupy 40% of
available memory card capacity. For example, if you use 8GB memory card, about 3.2GB memory
space will be saved for emergency files. When the Emergency folder is full, the oldest emergency file
will be automatically deleted by the newest emergency file.

3.2 Picture in Video

You can also use this camcorder to take
snapshots of the current scene.
In recording status, press
capture recording screen shot.
When the icon
central of screen, it means the
screenshots is completed.
1. The screen shots image resolution quality is depending on the video resolution setting.
2. The definition of picture in video by this product, the picture resolution is limited by the speed of
the target object and changes in ambient lighting. The photograph function is better used for taking
still pictures in accident scenes or when the car is stopped to wait for a traffic light.
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