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LG GCE 8160B Service Manual

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This service manual provides a variety of service
It contains the mechanical structure of the CD-
R/RW Drive and the electronic circuits in
schematic form. This CD-R/RW Drive was
manufactured and assembled under our strict
quality control standards and meets or exceeds
industry specifications and standards.
This CD-R/RW drive is an internal drive unit
designed for use with IBM PC, HP Vectra, or
1. General
1) Enhanced IDE interface.
2) Internal 5.25 inch, halfheight CD-R/RW Drive.
3) 2 Mbytes buffer memory.
4) Audio CD like tray loading of a disc without using a caddy.
5) Power loading and power ejecting of a disc. The disc can also be ejected manually.
6) Supports Power saving mode and Sleep mode.
7) Vertical and Horizontal operation.
8) Super Link Function.
2. Supported disc formats
1) Reads and writes data in each CD-ROM, CD-ROMXA, CD-I FMV, Video CD, and CD-EXTRA
2) Reads data in Photo CD (Single and Multi session).
3) Reads and writes standard CD-DA.
4) Reads and writes CD-R discs conforming to "Orange Book Part 2".
5) Reads and writes CD-RW discs conforming to "Orange Book Parts 3".
3. Supported write method
1) Disc at once (DAO), Session at once (SAO), Track at once (TAO), Variable packet, Fixed packet, and
4. Performance
1) Random 110 ms average access time.
2) CD-R Record speed : 4X, 8X, 12X, 16X.
3) CD-RW Record speed : 2X, 4X, 10X.
4) CD-ROM : Max 6,000 KB/s(Max 40x) Sustained Transfer rate.
5) Supports real time error correction and real time layered error correction at each speed.
6) Supports CD-R write operation at each double speed, quadruple speed, eighth speed.
7) Supports CD-RW write operation at double speed and quadruple speed.
8) PIO Mode 4, Multi DMA Mode 2 .
9) Multimedia MPC-3 Spec compliant.
10) Support CD-TEXT read/write.
5. Audio
1) Output 16 bit digital data over ATA interface.
2) 8 Times Digital Filter for CD Audio
3) Software Volume Control
4) Equipped with audio line output and headphone jack for audio CD playback.
5) Front panel Volume Control for Headphone Output.
compatible computer. It can write as much as 700
Mbytes of digital data into CD-R/RW disc, and can
read as much as 650 Mbytes of digital data stored
in a CD-ROM, CD-R and CD-RW disc.
This CD-R/RW Drive can easily meet the
upcoming MPC level 3 specification, and its
Enhanced Intelligent Device Electronics (E-IDE)
and ATAPI interface allows Plug and play
integration in the majority of today's PCs without
the need of an additional interface card.



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  Summary of Contents for LG GCE 8160B

  • Page 1 INTRODUCTION compatible computer. It can write as much as 700 This service manual provides a variety of service Mbytes of digital data into CD-R/RW disc, and can information. read as much as 650 Mbytes of digital data stored It contains the mechanical structure of the CD- in a CD-ROM, CD-R and CD-RW disc.
  • Page 2: Location Of Customer Controls

    LOCATION OF CUSTOMER CONTROLS Front Panel Emergency Eject Hole Disc Tray Stop/Eject Button Play/Skip Button Volume Control Drive Activity Indicators Headphone Jack 1. Disc tray 5. Volume control This is the tray for the disc. Place the disc on the This is used to adjust the output volume of the ejected disc tray, then lightly push the tray (or headphone jack.
  • Page 3: Rear Panel

    Rear Panel IDE Interface Connector Analog Audio Output Connector Jumper Connector Power Connector Digital Audio Output Connector 1. Power Connector 3. Jumper Connector Connects to the power supply (5-and 12-V DC) of This jumper determines whether the drive is the host computer. configured as a master or slave.
  • Page 4 GLOSSARY ATIP Absolute Time in Pre-groove. With an additional modulation of the “Wobble”, the “Groove” contains a time code information. Wobble The pre-groove in the Disc is not a perfect spiral but is wobbled. With : – A typical amplitude of 30 nm –...
  • Page 5: The Differences Of Cd-R/Cd-Rw Discs And General Cd-Rom

    The differences of CD-R/CD-RW discs and General CD-ROM 1. Recording Layer Recordable CD has a wobbled pre-groove on the surface of disc for laser beam to follow track. Track pitch(p) a=30nm Read-only Disc CD-ROM (READ-ONLY DISC) Radial Direction Radial Error Signal 0.4~0.5 um Groove Land...
  • Page 6: Disc Materials

    3. Disc Materials 1) CD-ROM disc • It is composed of Silver _ colored aluminum plate and Reflective layer. • Groove (Pit) of aluminum plate make a track. • Laser wavelength : 780 nm, Laser Power (Read): 0.5mW • Signal is detected by the difference of reflective beam intensity between “pit”...
  • Page 7: Reading Process Of Optical Disc

    3 3 ) ) C C D D - - R R W W D D i i s s c c Label Printing Protective Layer Dielectric Layer(TL) Reflective Layer Dielectric Layer(UL) Substrate (Polycarbonate) Groove Laser Beam • It is composed of polycarbonate layer, alloy(silver, arsenic) layer, aluminum reflectivity layer, protective layer. •...
  • Page 8: Writing Process Of Cd-R Disc

    5. Writing Process of CD-R Disc Incident (Write) Laser Power (Read) (Read) Laser Spot a b c d e f Position (Time) Laser Below "ORP"– Mark Too Short Spot Reflected At Optimum Record Power ("ORP") Light Signal Above "ORP" – Mark Too Long Recorded Mark Time...
  • Page 9 7. Organization of the PCA, PMA and Lead-in Area 1) Layout of CD-ROM disc Disc Center Diameter 120 mm Diameter 46 mm Diameter 15 mm Center hole Clamping and Label Area Information Area Read Only Disc Lead-in Area Program Area Lead-out Area 2) Layout of CD-R/RW disc Disc Center...
  • Page 10: Function Of Pca And Pma Area

    8. Function of PCA and PMA area 1) PCA (Power Calibration Area) • PCA area is used to determine the correct Laser Power for a disc. – Method 1 : PCA area is divided by a track. – Method 2 : The previous Calibration value is referred. –...
  • Page 11: Writing Process Of Disc

    2) ROPC (Running Optimum Power Control) • Variable primary factor of Optimum Power – Change of Power sensitivity on the Disc. (limited to 0.05 *Po) – Wavelength shift of the laser diode due to the operating temperature change. – Change of the Spot aberration due to the Disc skew, Substrate thickness, Defocus.
  • Page 12: Internal Structure Of The Pick-Up

  • Page 13: Signal Detection Of The P/U

    2. Signal detection of the P/U Infrared Iaser Pick-Up module Focusing Tracking Photo Diode 1) Focus Error Signal ==> (A+C)-(B+D) This signal is generated in RF IC (IC401 : MT1506) and controls the pick-up’s up and down to focus on Disc.
  • Page 14: Description Of Circuit

    DESCRIPTION OF CIRCUIT 1. ALPC (Automatic Laser Power Control) Circuit 1-1. ALPC Loop Circuit...
  • Page 15 1-2. ALPC(Automatic Laser Power Control) Circuit Operation ALPC (Automatic Laser Power Control) function in CD-R/RW analog front-end is for constant power level control purpose. Based on the accurate power sensor(FMD) in PU, APC feedback loop maintains constant power level against laser diode’s temperature variation. There are three power control loops in CD-R/RW analog front-end, which are used with different combination for different applicatioins.
  • Page 16 2. RF Amplifier Circuit Block Diagram...
  • Page 17: Focus/Tracking/Sled Servo Circuit

    3. Focus/Tracking/Sled Servo Circuit 3-1. Focus, Tracking & Sled Servo Process Focus, Tracking Servo IC401 MT1506 Pick- up Focus Error Detector A,B,C,D A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H Track Error Detector A,B,C,D E,F,G,H Tracking Focusing Actuator IC301 Servo Control MT1505 Focus x5 PARALLEL Tracking x5 DIGITAL COMPENSATOR IC501...
  • Page 18: Focus Servo

    3-2. Focus Servo The aim of Focus Servo is to maintain the distance between object lens of P/U and disc surface, so that the detected RF signals (A, B, C, D) can be maximized. Focus Servo is based on focus error (FE) signal which is generated from focus error detection block in MT1506(IC401) using Astigmatism Method.
  • Page 19: Spindle Servo Circuit

    4. Spindle Servo Circuit 4-1. Spindle Servo Process IC401 MT1506 Pick- up EQRF IC301 MT1505 ATFG Wobble Signal Generator Data PLL Spindle Motor Spindle Control Hall Sensor CD EFM CAV x40 RDMO Divider Wobble Spindle MATRIX CLV Control IC510 BA6664FM Current comp.
  • Page 20: Block Diagram

  • Page 21: Major Ic Internal Block Diagram And Pin Description

    MAJOR IC INTERNAL BLOCK DIAGRAM AND PIN DESCRIPTION IC401 (MT1506) : CD-R/RW Analog Signal Processor Block Diagram DIG. Data E Q R F M P X 2 & R E G . M P X O U T 2 Slicer A U X 1 A U X 2 M C L K...
  • Page 22 • Pin Assignment Pin Numbers Symbol Type Description RF Signals & S/H Control Pulses Analog Input Input of Main Beam Signal (A) Analog Input Input of Main Beam Signal (B) Analog Input Input of Main Beam Signal (C) Analog Input Input of Main Beam Signal (D) Analog Input Input of Side Beam Signal (E)
  • Page 23 Pin Numbers Symbol Type Description RECD1 Digital Output (TTL) Output of Recorded Area Detection Signal ROPC (Running OPC) Related Signals Analog Output Output of Write RF Signal ROPCO Analog Output Output of Amplified B-Level of Write RF Signal ROPCC Analog Input Vin(-) of Amplifier for Sampled B-Level of WRF Signal H11T Digital Input (TTL)
  • Page 24 Pin Numbers Symbol Type Description SCLK Digital Input (TTL) Clock Input for Register Setting SDAT A Digital I/O (TTL) Data Input/Output for Register Setting XRST Digital Input (TTL) Digital Input for Register Resetting MCLK Digital Input (TTL) Digital Input of Main Clock Reference Voltage and Power Supplies VREF Analog Input...
  • Page 25 IC201(MT1501) : CD-R/RW Encoder/Decoder/Write Strategy Chip Block Diagram uP Interface Logic & Buffer Memor y Controller A D G O High Speed Flash Controller ABCK Audio ALRCK Playback ASDATA Logic ACLK SBSO S u b c o d e WFCK F I F O / Parallelizer EXCK...
  • Page 26 PIN DESCRIPTION Pin Numbers Symbol Type Description DSP interface C2PO TTL Input, SMT, C2 error pointer. Active high when errors occur after CIRC C2 50K pull-up correction. SBSO TTL Input, SMT, Subcode serial data input. Supplies the serial Subcode data from 50K pull-up DSP.
  • Page 27 WSR_WXR CMOS Output, Laser diode write power control output. (Write/Read mode SW Slew rate signal) WSR_ODON CMOS Output, Laser diode over drive control output. (Over drive control SW Slew rate signal) WSR_OSCEN CMOS Output, High frequency modulation enable signal output. (Module control Slew rate SW signal) WSR_CMOD...
  • Page 28 H11T TTL Output, EFM 11T indicator for ROPC sampling. Slew rate EFMPLL VCO Interface EFMPLLV DD Analog VDD Power pin for EFMPLL VCO circuitry. EFMVCOIN Analog input EFMPLL VCO input. EFMPLLV SS Analog VSS Ground pin for EFMPLL VCO circuitry. EFMLPFGND Analog input EFMPLL LPF ground input.
  • Page 29 83, 85, 86, FLAG_6/UA6 ~ TTL I/O, Internal flag monitor output. 88~91 FLAG_0/UA0 Slew rate, function : Address bus bit 6 ~ bit 0 input during address/ data 50K pull-up bus separated type CPU (eg. H8) application. (FLAG_0 ~ FLAG_6) function : Address bus bit 11 ~ bit 13, bit 16 and bit 17 output during IDE flash programming mode.
  • Page 30 IORDY I/O Channel Ready. Ultra DMA ready. Ultra DMA data strobe. TTL Output, SMT, For I/O channel Ready, this signal is negated to extend the host Slew rate, PDR transfer cycle of any register read or write when the device is not able to complete the transfer.
  • Page 31 RWE# 3.3V CMOS RAM Write Enable/RAM Write Enable Low. RAM write enable Output, signal, low active. When two write enable pins are used, it is the Slew rate, PDR Write Enable Low signal for writing the lower bytes of a two-WE_ 16-bit RAM.
  • Page 32 UWR# TTL Input, SMT, Microcontroller write strobe signal, low active. 50K pull-up UINT1# TTL Output, Interrupt 1 signal output, low active. Open-Drain UINT0# TTL I/O, SMT, Interrupt 0 signal output, low active. Slew rate, Alternate function : chip select input during 50K pull-up microcontroller flash programming mode.
  • Page 33 IC301 (MT1505) : DSP/Servo Controller/up chip Block Diagram RFRO DVDD3 RFRPSLV LIMIT_ PDM & HRFZC TRAYOUT_ RFRP Servo RFBIAS TRAYIN_ Circuit Data VBDPLL DGND Slicer PLLVSS Circuit LPIO TEST LPIN ICEMODE Mega LPFO Interface LPFN CLV& Zone- Data PLL Sync IREF CLV &...
  • Page 34 •Pin Description Pin Numbers Symbol Type Description Data PLL Interface VBDPLL Analog Output Reference voltage. PLLVSS Anlog Ground Ground pin for data PLL and related analog circuitry. LPIO Analog Output The output of VCO integrator. LPIN Analog Input The negative input terminal of VCO integrator. LPFO Analog Output The output of loop filter amplifier.
  • Page 35 UP3_1 TTL I/O, Slew rate Programmable bi-directional I/O. / UTXD 50K pull_up, 4mA Alternate function : TXD. Serial transmit data. UP3_0 TTL I/O, Slew rate Programmable bi-directional I/O. / URXD 50K pull_up, 4mA Alternate function : RXD. Serial receive data. UXI/O4 TTL otuput, Slew Microprocessor clock for ICE mode or general output O4 for non-ice...
  • Page 36 VPVSS Ground Ground pin for varipitch VCO circuitry. Internal Audio Interface DACVSS Ground Ground pin for internal DAC circuitry. Analog Output Right channel of audio. DACVREF Analog Output Reference voltage for external audio filter circuit. Analog Output Left channel of audio. DACVDD Analog Power(5V) Power pin for internal DAC circuitry.
  • Page 37 TEZILP Analog Input Tracking error zero crossing low pass input Analog Input Tracking error input. Analog Input Central servo input. Analog Input Focus error input. RFIS Analog Input RF ripple input. Analog Input RF signal input. ADCVSS Ground Ground pin for ADC circuitry. RFDTSLV Analog Output RF data slicer level output.
  • Page 38 IC501 (M63024FP): Spindle Motor and 5ch Actuator Driver Block Diagram FG x3 Reverse Detect Logic Logic MATRIX Hall Bias Current Current Current comp. comp. amp. amp. amp. comp. Direction Direction BIAS Direction comp. comp. SPIN Brake select comp. Frequency generator SL1IN SL2IN 5V power supply...
  • Page 39 • Pin Description Terminal Symbol Terminal function Terminal Symbol Terminal function SL1IN Slide control voltage input1 Motor Power Supply1 ( for Spindle) SL2IN Slide control voltage input2 Bias for Hall Sensor Motor Power Supply2(for Slide) Frequency generator output RSL2 Slide current sense2 Reference voltage input SL2+ Slide non-inverted output2...
  • Page 40 DISASSEMBLY 1. CABINET and CIRCUIT BOARD 1-3. Cabinet and Main Circuit Board A. Remove the Cabinet in the direction of arrow (4). DISASSEMBLY (See Fig. 1-3) 1-1. Bottom Chassis B. Release 2 hooks (a) and remove the CD Tray A. Release 4 screws (A) and remove the Bottom Chassis drawing forward.
  • Page 41 2-2. Pick-up A. Release 1 screw (C) and remove the Pick-up. Pick-up Unit Pick-up Fig. 2-2...