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Siemens SX57HS01DA User Manual page 7

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¡ Highly caustic alkaline or highly acidic cleaning agents in con-
junction with aluminium parts in the interior of the appliance
may cause explosions.
▶ Never use highly caustic alkaline or highly acidic cleaning
agents, in particular commercial or industrial products, in
conjunction with aluminium parts (e.g. grease filters of ex-
tractor hoods or aluminium pans), e.g. for the Machine Care
WARNING ‒ Risk of injury!
¡ Leaving the appliance door open may result in injury.
▶ Only open the appliance door to load or unload tableware
in order to prevent accidents, e.g. through tripping.
▶ Do not sit or stand on the appliance door when open.
¡ Knives and utensils with sharp points can cause injuries.
▶ Arrange knives and utensils with sharp points in the cutlery
basket with the points downwards, on the knife shelf or in
the cutlery drawer.
WARNING ‒ Risk of scalding!
If you open the appliance door while the programme is run-
ning, hot water may splash out of the appliance.
▶ Open the appliance door carefully if the programme is still
WARNING ‒ Risk of electric shock!
¡ An ingress of moisture can cause an electric shock.
▶ Only use the appliance in enclosed spaces.
▶ Never expose the appliance to intense heat or humidity.
▶ Do not use steam- or high-pressure cleaners to clean the
¡ If the insulation of the power cord is damaged, this is danger-
▶ Never let the power cord come into contact with hot appli-
ance parts or heat sources.
▶ Never let the power cord come into contact with sharp
points or edges.
Safety aus