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Preventing Material Damage; Safe Installation; Safe Use - Siemens SX57HS01DA User Manual

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Preventing material damage

Preventing material dam-
Preventing material damage

Safe installation

Follow the instructions when installing
the appliance.
¡ Improper installation of the appli-
ance may cause damage.
If the dishwasher is installed
above or below other domestic
appliances, follow the informa-
tion on installation in combina-
tion with a dishwasher in the in-
stallation instructions for the in-
dividual appliances.
If there is no information or if the
installation instructions do not in-
clude the relevant information,
contact the manufacturer of
these appliances to check that
the dishwasher can be installed
above or below these appli-
If no information is available
from the manufacturer, the dish-
washer should not be installed
above or below such appli-
To ensure the safe operation of
all domestic appliances, con-
tinue following the installation in-
structions for the dishwasher.
Do not install the dishwasher un-
der a hob.
Do not install the dishwasher
near heat sources, e.g. radiat-
ors, heat storage tanks, ovens
or other appliances that gener-
ate heat.
¡ Modified or damaged water hoses
may result in material damage and
damage to the appliance.
Never kink, crush, modify or cut
through water hoses.
Preventing material damage aus
Only use the water hoses sup-
plied with the appliance or genu-
ine spare hoses.
Never re-use water hoses that
have been used before.
¡ If the water pressure is too high or
too low, this may impair function-
ing of the appliance.
Make sure that the water pres-
sure in the water supply system
is min. 50 kPa (0,5 bar) and
max. 1000 kPa (10 bar).
If the water pressure exceeds
the maximum value specified, a
pressure-reducing valve must be
installed between the drinking
water connection and the hose
set of the appliance.

Safe use

Follow the instructions when using
the appliance.
¡ Escaping water vapour can dam-
age fitted units.
When the programme ends,
leave the appliance to cool
down for a while before opening
the door.
¡ Unsuitable cleaning agents may
damage the appliance.
Do not use a steam cleaner.
So as not to scratch the finish
on the appliance, do not use
sponges with a rough surface or
abrasive cleaning agents.
To prevent corrosion, do not use
sponge cloths on dishwashers
with a stainless steel front or
rinse such cloths thoroughly
several times before using them
for the first time.