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Cleaning And Servicing; Cleaning The Tub; Cleaning Products; Tips On Appliance Care - Siemens SX57HS01DA User Manual

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Cleaning and servicing

Cleaning and servicing
To keep your appliance working effi-
Cleaning and servicing
ciently for a long time, it is important
to clean and maintain it carefully.

Cleaning the tub

Risk of harm to health!
Using detergents containing chlorine
may result in harm to health.
Never use detergents containing
Remove any coarse soiling in the
interior with a damp cloth.
Machine Care 
Deposits, e.g. from remnants of food
and limescale, can cause your appli-
ance to malfunction. To avoid such
faults and reduce odours, we recom-
mend cleaning your appliance at reg-
ular intervals.
Machine Care combined with ma-
chine care products and machine
cleaners is the right programme for
the care of your appliance.
Removal of
Grease and limescale
Add detergent to the detergent dis-
Select the programme with the
highest temperature.
"Start the programme without
tableware." → Page 36

Cleaning products

Only use suitable cleaning products
to clean your appliance.
→ "Safe use", Page 11

Tips on appliance care

Follow the tips on appliance care to
make sure your appliance functions
properly at all times.
Wipe the door seals,
the front of the dish-
washer and the con-
trol panel regularly us-
ing a damp cloth and
washing-up liquid.
If the appliance is not
going to be used for a
while, leave the door
slightly ajar.
Tip: You can get our tested and ap-
proved Dishwasher Care and Ma-
chine Cleaner for Dishwashers online
at https://www.siemens-home.bsh- or from customer
Machine Care is a programme which
removes various deposits in one
washing cycle. Cleaning takes place
in two phases:
Liquid machine care product
or machine descaler in
powder form.
Cleaning and servicing aus
This ensures the parts
of the appliance will
remain clean and hy-
This will prevent un-
pleasant odours.
Appliance interior, e.g. bottle
hung in the cutlery basket or
powder in the interior.