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Siemens SX57HS01DA User Manual

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User manual
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  Summary of Contents for Siemens SX57HS01DA

  • Page 1 Dishwasher SX57HS01DA User manual Register your product on My Siemens and discover exclusive services and offers. The future moving in. Siemens Home Appliances...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents Safety ..........   4 Features.........    24 General information...... 4 Top basket ........ 24 Intended use........ 4 Bottom basket ........ 25 Restriction on user group.... 4 Cutlery basket ........ 25 Safe installation ........ 5 3rd basket ........ 25 Safe use ........... 6 Etagere ........... 26 Damaged appliance ...... 8 Folding prongs ....... 26 Risk to children ........ 8 Knife shelf........ 27...
  • Page 3 Customer Service......   57 Display programme information.. 36 Product number (E-Nr.), produc- Switching off appliance .... 36 tion number (FD) and consecut- Basic settings........    37 ive numbering (Z-Nr.) ..... 58 Overview of basic settings ..... 37 AQUA-STOP guarantee .... 58 Changing basic settings.... 38 Technical specifications....   58 Setting the time ...... 38 Information regarding Free and Open Source Software .... 59...
  • Page 4: Safety

    aus Safety Safety Please read the safety information to ensure that you use the ap- pliance safely. General information You can find general information about this instruction manual here. ¡ Read this instruction manual carefully. Only this will ensure you use the appliance safely and efficiently. ¡...
  • Page 5: Safe Installation

    Safety aus Keep children under the age of 8 years away from the appliance and power cable. Safe installation Follow these safety instructions when installing the appliance. WARNING ‒ Risk of injury! Improper installation may cause injury. ▶ When installing and connecting the appliance, follow the in- structions in the manual and installation instructions.
  • Page 6: Safe Use

    aus Safety WARNING ‒ Risk of fire! It is dangerous to use an extended power cord and non-ap- proved adapters. ▶ Do not use extension cables or multiple socket strips. ▶ If the power cord is too short, contact Customer Service. ▶ Only use adapters approved by the manufacturer. WARNING ‒ Risk of injury! Hinges move when opening and closing the appliance door and can cause injury.
  • Page 7 Safety aus ¡ Highly caustic alkaline or highly acidic cleaning agents in con- junction with aluminium parts in the interior of the appliance may cause explosions. ▶ Never use highly caustic alkaline or highly acidic cleaning agents, in particular commercial or industrial products, in conjunction with aluminium parts (e.g.
  • Page 8: Damaged Appliance

    aus Safety ▶ Never kink, crush or modify the power cord. Damaged appliance Follow the safety instructions if the appliance is damaged. WARNING ‒ Risk of electric shock! ¡ If the appliance or the power cord is damaged, this is danger- ous. ▶ Never operate a damaged appliance. ▶...
  • Page 9 Safety aus ¡ Children may breathe in or swallow small parts, causing them to suffocate. ▶ Keep small parts away from children. ▶ Do not let children play with small parts. WARNING ‒ Risk of harm to health! Children can lock themselves in the appliance, thereby putting their lives at risk.
  • Page 10: Safety Systems

    aus Safety Safety systems Protect children from possible hazards resulting from the appli- ance. The appliance is equipped with a "Childproof lock " → Page 12.
  • Page 11: Preventing Material Damage

    Preventing material damage aus Only use the water hoses sup- ▶ Preventing material damage Preventing material dam- plied with the appliance or genu- ine spare hoses. Never re-use water hoses that ▶ have been used before. Preventing material damage Safe installation ¡...
  • Page 12: Childproof Lock

    aus Childproof lock Deactivating the door lock Childproof lock Childproof lock Open the appliance door. Push the catch of the childproof The childproof lock lets you protect Childproof lock lock to the right and slide it children from possible hazards result- backwards ing from the appliance.
  • Page 13: Saving Energy

    Installation and connection aus Saving energy Sensor setting Description Standard Optimum setting for a If you follow these instructions, your mixed load and heavily appliance will use less electricity and soiled tableware. Saves less water. both energy and water. Use the Eco 45° programme. Sensitive Adjusts the programme strength for effective re-...
  • Page 14: Installing And Connecting The Appliance

    aus Installation and connection ¡ Installation Instructions Drainage connection ¡ Warranty Connect your appliance to drainage ¡ Installation material connection so dirty water is dis- ¡ Steam guard plate charged via the wash cycle. ¡ Mains cable Installing the drainage connection Installing and connecting the Consult the installation instructions appliance...
  • Page 15: Electrical Connection

    Installation and connection aus Electrical connection Connect your appliance to the power supply. Connecting the appliance to the electricity supply Notes ¡ Follow the "Safety instructions" → Page 5. ¡ Please note that the water safety system is only functional if there is a power supply.
  • Page 16: Familiarising Yourself With Your Appliance

    aus Familiarising yourself with your appliance Familiarising yourself with your appliance Familiarising yourself with your appliance Familiarising yourself with your appliance Appliance You can find an overview of the parts of your appliance here. Rating plate Rating plate with "E number and FD number" → Page 58.
  • Page 17: Controls

    Familiarising yourself with your appliance aus "Detergent" → Page 31 is added to the detergent Detergent dispenser dispenser. "Bottom basket" → Page 25 Bottom basket Lower spray arm The lower spray arm washes the tableware in the bot- tom basket. If the tableware has not been washed properly, clean the spray arms.
  • Page 18 aus Familiarising yourself with your appliance 5 6 7 8 "Switching on the appliance" → Page 35 ON/OFF button and reset button "Switching off the appliance" → Page 36 "Terminating the programme" → Page 36 Programme buttons Programmes Info button If you press , the display shows information about selected programmes, basic settings and additional functions.
  • Page 19 Familiarising yourself with your appliance aus "Changing basic settings" → Page 38 Setting buttons "Opening the appliance door" → Page 35 Door opener Display The display shows information about pro- grammes, basic settings or additional functions. You can change the basic settings via the display and the setting buttons.
  • Page 20: Programmes

    aus Programmes Programmes Programmes You can find an overview of the pro- ditional function" → Page 23 selec- Programmes grammes that can be selected here. ted. The running time will change if Different programmes, which can be the rinse aid system is switched off found on the control panel of your or rinse aid needs to be added.
  • Page 21 Programmes aus Programme Consumption values Programme se- quence 1) Duration in hrs:mins 2) Energy consump- tion in kWh 3) Water consump- tion in litres ¡ 1) 1:50 - 2:15 Tableware: Sensor-controlled: ¡ Pots and pans, non- ¡ Optimised by ¡ 2) 1,200 - 1,400 Auto 65-75° fragile tableware sensors depending ¡...
  • Page 22: Information For Test Institute

    aus Programmes Programme Consumption values Programme se- quence 1) Duration in hrs:mins 2) Energy consump- tion in kWh 3) Water consump- tion in litres ¡ 1) 0:29 Tableware: Time-optimised: ¡ Delicate tableware, ¡ Cleaning 45 °C ¡ 2) 0,800 Speed 45° cutlery, temperat- ¡...
  • Page 23: Additional Functions

    Additional functions aus Tip: You can use the Home Connect Additional func- app to download additional pro- tion grammes and save them to the gramme and at any button. time when the pro- gramme is running. Save Favourite on the appliance. ¡ Energy and water con- Press ⁠...
  • Page 24: Features

    aus Features Pull out the top basket. Additional func- To prevent the basket from sud- tion denly dropping down, hold the ¡ Especially suitable for side of the basket by the top edge. drying plastic parts. Press in the levers on the right and ¡...
  • Page 25: Bottom Basket

    Features aus Bottom basket Cutlery basket Arrange pans and plates in the bot- Arrange cutlery in the cutlery basket, tom basket. always without sorting it and with the sharp points downwards. Cutlery basket Large plates up to a diameter of 3rd basket 34 cm can be arranged in the bottom basket as shown.
  • Page 26: Etagere

    aus Features Arrange the stemware in the top Folding prongs basket. Use the folding prongs to position tableware securely, e.g. plates. Etagere You can fold the prongs down to po- Use the cutlery shelf and space un- sition pans, bowls and glasses derneath for small cups and glasses better.
  • Page 27: Knife Shelf

    Features aus Insert the baking sheet spray head Knife shelf in the holder and turn to the Use the shelf for knives and long right ⁠ . items of cutlery. a The baking sheet spray head clicks into position. Baking sheet spray head Removing baking sheet spray head Use the baking sheet spray head to If you no longer require the baking...
  • Page 28: Basket Heights

    aus Features Pull the tab on the glassZone up Selecting glassZone and forwards ⁠ . Note: Consumption will increase if you operate your appliance with the glassZone switched on. Pull out the top basket. Set the slider to ON or OFF. Set the slider to ON. Clean under running water.
  • Page 29: Before Using For The First Time

    Before using for the first time aus Appliance height 86.5 cm with 3rd basket Setting Top basket Bottom basket 1 max. ø 18 cm 34 cm 2 max. ø 20.5 cm 30.5 cm 3 max. ø 23 cm 28 cm Press repeatedly until the Before using for the first time Before using for the display shows the right value.
  • Page 30: Setting The Amount Of Rinse Aid

    aus Rinse aid system Press the catch on the lid of the Press repeatedly until the display dispenser for rinse aid and lift shows "Rinse aid dispenser". ⁠ . Press repeatedly until the right amount of rinse aid has been set. –...
  • Page 31: Detergent

    Detergent aus Detergent Description Detergent Detergent shorter "Programmes" → Page 20 without Find out which detergents are suit- Detergent PreRinse. able for your appliance. Sometimes liquid de- Suitable detergents tergent may leak out despite the detergent Only use detergents that are suitable dispenser being for dishwashers.
  • Page 32: Unsuitable Detergents

    aus Detergent 5in1,...), additional components such ¡ Even if the rinse aid refill indicator as glass protection or stainless steel lights up, washing programmes will cleaner. still run properly with combined de- tergents. Note: Follow the manufacturer's in- ¡ The function of rinse aid is limited structions for each detergent.
  • Page 33: Tableware

    Tableware aus Close the lid of the detergent dis- Damage to glass and table- penser. ware Avoid damage to glass and table- ware. Cause Recommendation The following table- Only put tableware in ware is not dish- the dishwasher if it is washer-safe: marked as dish- ¡...
  • Page 34: Arrange Tableware

    aus Tableware Observe the following when arran- Cause Recommendation ging tableware: The water temperat- Select a programme – Put heavily soiled tableware in ure of the programme with lower temperat- the bottom basket, e.g. pans. is too high. ures. The more powerful the spray jet, After the programme the better the dishwashing result has ended, take glass-...
  • Page 35: Removing Tableware

    Basic operation aus Removing tableware Switching on the appliance Press ⁠ . ▶ WARNING The programme last selected and Risk of injury! the additional function last selec- Hot tableware can cause burns to the ted will be set by default. skin. When hot, tableware is sensitive If you do not perform any actions to shock, may crack and can result in on the appliance for 10 minutes,...
  • Page 36: Starting The Programme

    aus Basic operation 15:20 hours). You can change this Press ⁠ . setting in the "Basic settings" a The programme is saved and the → Page 37. appliance switches off. To activate timer programming, Press to resume the pro- press ⁠ . gramme. Note: To deactivate timer program- Terminate programme ming, press for approx.
  • Page 37: Basic Settings

    Basic settings aus Basic settings Basic settings You can configure the appliance to meet your needs. Basic settings Overview of basic settings The basic settings depend on the features of your appliance. Basic setting Selection Description Time setting 00:00 - 24:00 Set the current time.
  • Page 38: Changing Basic Settings

    aus Basic settings Basic setting Selection Description emotionLight Switch the interior lighting of the appliance on or On via main switch off. On on opening door When the appliance door is opened, the interior lighting switches off automatically after 10 minutes. Front display Switch the front display on or off.
  • Page 39: Home Connect

    Home Connect  aus Holding down will Home Connect quick start change the set values in 10-minute Connect your appliance to a mobile steps. device quickly and easily. To save the settings, press approx. 3 seconds. Installing app Install the Home Connect app on your mobile device. Home Connect Home Connect This appliance is network-capable.
  • Page 40: Home Connect Settings

    aus Home Connect Home Connect settings Remote Diagnostics Adapt Home Connect to your needs. Customer Service can use Remote You can find the Home Connect set- Diagnostics to access your appliance tings in the basic settings for your ap- if you contact them, have your appli- pliance.
  • Page 41: Cleaning And Servicing

    Dishwasher Care and Ma- ance to malfunction. To avoid such chine Cleaner for Dishwashers online faults and reduce odours, we recom- at https://www.siemens-home.bsh- mend cleaning your appliance at reg- or from customer ular intervals. service.
  • Page 42: Filter System

    aus Cleaning and servicing Phase Removal of Detergent Placement Food remnants and de- Machine cleaner Detergent dispenser posits To ensure optimum cleaning perform- ¡ Activate the "glassZone" ance, the programme doses the de- → Page 28 function. tergents independently of each an- Remove any coarse soiling in the other during the relevant cleaning interior with a damp cloth.
  • Page 43 Cleaning and servicing aus Press the locking catches Coarse filter gether and lift the coarse filter out ⁠ . Cleaning filters Soiling in the dishwashing water may block the filters. After each wash check the filters for residue. Turn the coarse filter anticlockwise and remove the filter system ⁠...
  • Page 44: Cleaning Spray Arms

    aus Cleaning and servicing Cleaning spray arms Limescale and soiling in the dish- washing water may block the nozzles and bearings on the spray arms. Clean the spray arms regularly. Unscrew the upper spray arm and pull down to remove ⁠ . Pull up the lower spray arm to re- move.
  • Page 45: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting aus Troubleshooting Troubleshooting You can rectify minor faults on your appliance yourself. Read the troubleshoot- Troubleshooting ing information before contacting after-sales service. This will avoid unneces- sary costs. WARNING Risk of electric shock! Improper repairs are dangerous. Repairs to the appliance should only be carried out by trained specialist ▶...
  • Page 46 aus Troubleshooting Fault Cause Troubleshooting E:3200 or indicator for wa- Water tap is jammed or Turn on the water tap. ▶ ter supply lights up. furred up. The flow rate must be at least 10 l/ min when the water supply is open. The filters in the water con- Switch off the appliance.
  • Page 47: Washing Results

    Troubleshooting aus Fault Cause Troubleshooting E:6102 lights up. Cover of the wastewater Secure the cover of the "Wastewa- ▶ ter pump " → Page 56 so it clicks pump is loose into position. E:9001 lights up. Mains voltage is too low. This is not a fault on the appliance. Contact an electrician.
  • Page 48 aus Troubleshooting Fault Cause Troubleshooting Tableware is not dry. Water collects in recesses of Position tableware at an angle ▶ the tableware or cutlery. where possible. The combined detergent Use rinse aid to improve drying per- used has a poor drying per- formance.
  • Page 49 Troubleshooting aus Fault Cause Troubleshooting Food remnants are left on Tableware in the top basket Arrange tableware in the top basket ▶ tableware in the top basket. was placed too close to- with sufficient space in between. gether or top basket is over- Position large items of tableware at filled.
  • Page 50 aus Troubleshooting Fault Cause Troubleshooting Detergent residue in the ap- Lid of the detergent dis- Arrange tableware in the top basket pliance penser is blocked by items tableware so the tab collecting tray of tableware parts and will is not obstructed by tableware. → "Arrange tableware", Page 34 not open.
  • Page 51 Troubleshooting aus Fault Cause Troubleshooting Stubborn white coatings are Adjust the sensitivity of the sensors. ▶ → "Sensors", Page 13 present on tableware, inside the appliance or the door. Tea residue or lipstick marks Washing temperature is too Select a programme with a higher ▶...
  • Page 52 aus Troubleshooting Fault Cause Troubleshooting Removable streaks are Amount of rinse aid to be Set the rinse aid system to a lower ▶ present on glasses, glass- dispensed is set too high. setting. ware with a metallic appear- → "Adding rinse aid", Page 29 No rinse aid has been ad- ▶...
  • Page 53: Home Connect Problem

    Troubleshooting aus Fault Cause Troubleshooting Detergent residue is present Detergent dispenser was Only add detergent to a detergent ▶ in the detergent dispenser damp when detergent was dispenser when dry. or the tablet collecting tray. added. Excessive formation of foam Hand washing-up liquid is Immediately add rinse aid to the ▶...
  • Page 54: Mechanical Damage

    aus Troubleshooting Fault Cause Troubleshooting Water is left in the appliance Programme has not yet Wait until the programme ends or ▶ at the end of the pro- ended. cancel the programme with Reset. gramme. → "Terminate programme", ▶ Page 36 Appliance cannot be Software update is taking Wait until the software update has ▶...
  • Page 55: Noise

    Troubleshooting aus Fault Cause Troubleshooting Appliance door cannot be Door cannot be closed due Check whether the appliance has ▶ closed. to installation method. been installed properly. When closed, the appliance door, its decor or attached parts should not knock against adjacent cabin- ets or the worktop.
  • Page 56: Clean Wastewater Pump

    aus Transportation, storage and disposal Insert the pump cover and press Clean wastewater pump down ⁠ . Large remnants of food or foreign bodies can block the waste water pump. As soon as the rinsing water no longer drains properly, the waste water pump must be cleaned.
  • Page 57: Protect Appliance From Frost

    Customer Service aus Protect appliance from frost Disposing of old appliance If there is a risk of frost where the ap- Valuable raw materials can be re- pliance will be standing, e.g. in a holi- used by recycling. day home, empty the appliance com- pletely.
  • Page 58: Product Number (E-Nr.), Produc- Tion Number (Fd) And Consecut- Ive Numbering (Z-Nr.)

    aus Technical specifications With any warranty claims, we will from water damage, the appliance make sure that your appliance is re- must be connected to the power paired by trained after-sales techni- supply. cians using genuine spare parts, in- ¡ The liability guarantee is valid for cluding after the manufacturer's war- the service life of the appliance.
  • Page 59: Information Regarding Free And Open Source Software

    A detailed RED Declaration of Con- product website and check additional formity can be found online at documents). Alternatively, you can send a request to oss- among the additional documents on or to BSH Haus- the product page for your appliance.
  • Page 60 BSH Hausgeräte GmbH Carl-Wery-Straße 34 81739 München GERMANY Manufactured by BSH Hausgeräte GmbH under the trademark licence of Siemens AG *9001631386* 9001631386 (010309) 650 P5...