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Siemens SX57HS01DA User Manual page 9

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¡ Children may breathe in or swallow small parts, causing them
to suffocate.
▶ Keep small parts away from children.
▶ Do not let children play with small parts.
WARNING ‒ Risk of harm to health!
Children can lock themselves in the appliance, thereby putting
their lives at risk.
▶ With redundant appliances, unplug the power cord. Then
cut through the cord and damage the lock on the appliance
door beyond repair so that the appliance door will no longer
WARNING ‒ Risk of crushing!
With higher-level appliances, children can become crushed
between the appliance door and cabinet doors underneath.
▶ Keep an eye on children when opening and closing the ap-
pliance door.
WARNING ‒ Risk of chemical burns!
Rinse aid and detergent may cause chemical burns to the
mouth, throat and eyes.
▶ Keep children away from detergent and rinse aid products.
▶ Keep children away from the appliance when open. The wa-
ter in the interior of the dishwasher is not drinking water. It
may contain residues of detergents and rinse aid.
WARNING ‒ Risk of injury!
Children may get their fingers caught in the slots of the tablet
collecting tray and injure themselves.
▶ Keep children away from the appliance when open.
WARNING ‒ Risk of suffocation!
Children may become trapped in the appliance and suffocate.
▶ Use the childproof lock if fitted.
▶ Never let children play with or operate the appliance.
Safety aus