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Acer 700id User Manual page 7

Acer altos 700id server: user guide
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This user's guide gives you all the information you need to operate
the system properly.
Manual Structure
The user's guide consists of four chapters as follows:
Chapter 1
System Board
Chapter 1 describes the system board and its major
It contains the system board layout, jumper
settings, cache and memory configurations.
Chapter 2
CPU Boards
Chapter 2 discusses the CPU boards that the system supports.
It contains all the information you need about the CPU boards.
Chapter 3
IntelDX4, Pentium (5V) and Pentium (3V)
BIOS Utility
Chapter 3 explains the system BIOS for IntelDX4, Pentium (5V)
and Pentium (3V) CPU boards.
Chapter 4
Pentium (3.3V-ALI) BIOS Utility
Chapter 4 explains the system BIOS for Pentium (3.3V-ALI)
CPU board.



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