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Acer mp-330: user guide
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Delete files
Select the UD card or MP-330 HDD and select the file/directory. Enter file operation menu
and select delete file item, press enter key to delete the selected file/directory. after deleted, it
will show you a confirm interface as this:
Cut Files
You can cut files from the flash disk to you Acer MP-330 directly. Or else you can cut files
from HD MP3 player to flash disk.
a. Select the copy file/directory
b. Press ESC key to select flash disk as the source
c. Press A –B key to select "Cut"
d. Press ESC key to select HD card as a target disk, choose folder to paste the file.
e. Press A –B key to select Paste item, it will paste the file/directory automatic
f. To copy a file/directory from HD to Flash disk, you can follow the same steps
Format flash disk via USB Host
a. Enter disk select interface and select flash disk then press "A-B " key, it will show you the
disk operation interface
b. Select "Format" item, Press enter key and it will show you a warning graphic as this:


Table of Contents

Table of Contents