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Android 6 users may have to change the permissions of the app to be able to connect via BLE. To
do so, go to Settings > Apps > Nokia > Permissions and enable Location.
My Nokia Go doesn't detect sleep when I'm sleeping. What
should I do?
If your Nokia Go doesn't detect sleep when you're sleeping, it's probably because you haven't
specified in the app that you're wearing your Nokia Go at the wrist. If that's the case, your Nokia
Go won't be able to track your sleep. To update this, perform the following steps:
1. Open the Nokia Health Mate® app.
2. Tap My devices.
If your Nokia Go doesn't appear in My devices, you need to
3. Tap Nokia Go.
4. Tap Change how you wear your Go.
5. Select the appropriate option and validate.
Tracking my sleep - Android procedure



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