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Automatic syncing
Background synchronizations allow you to automatically sync your data as long as your
Bluetooth is enabled. They occur when:
You have taken more than 1,000 steps since the last sync
You have reached your daily steps objective
More than 6 hours have passed since the last sync took place
Manual syncing
All you have to do to sync your data is open the Nokia Health Mate® app. When you do, your
Nokia Go automatically syncs your data with the app. Make sure your Nokia Go is close enough
to your iOS or Android device and that Bluetooth is enabled on your device or you will not be
able to synchronize your data.
You may have to refresh your Timeline by sliding your finger from top to bottom to trigger the
Note that the Nokia Go has a limited memory (around 10 days). As such, we recommend that
you sync your data regularly. Syncing your data once a week or so would also prevent the
syncing process from taking too long.
Cleaning my Nokia Go
We recommend that you regularly wash the wristband, whether you wear it all day and all night
long, or just when you sleep. To do so, perform the following steps:
1. Remove your Nokia Go from the wristband.
2. Run the wristband under water and rub it with hypoallergenic soap to clean it.
3. Rinse the wristband with water.
4. Dry the wristband with a soft cloth.
5. Allow the wristband to dry completely before wearing it again.
Failure to clean the wristband regularly may cause skin irritations.
If you have to clean the Nokia Go itself, use a lint-free cloth moistened with water to clean the
Replacing the battery of my Nokia Go



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