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Kenwood KDC-6080R/RV Instruction Manual

Cd receiver.
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B64-1627-00 (EN)


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   Summary of Contents for Kenwood KDC-6080R/RV

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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Before use Safety precautions ...3 Handling Compact discs ...6 General features Power...7 Volume ...7 Attenuator ...7 Switching Modes ...8 Loudness ...8 Audio Control Setting...8 Mobile Preset...9 TEL Mute ...9 Theft Deterrent Faceplate...10 Tuner features Tuning ...12 Station Preset Memory...12 Switching Display for Tuner...12 RDS features RDS (Radio Data System) ...14...

  • Page 3: Safety Precautions

    • If the unit starts to emit smoke or strange smells, turn off the power immediately and consult your Kenwood dealer. • Make sure not to get your fingers caught between the faceplate and the unit.

  • Page 4

    Safety precautions NOTE • If you experience problems during installation, consult your Kenwood dealer. • Press the reset button if the CD auto changer is first controlled and operates incorrectly. The original operating condition will return. DISC EJECT SCAN D.SCN M.RDM...

  • Page 5

    CDs may be impossible to play. In such a situation, remove the disc and wait for the condensation to evaporate. If the unit still does not operate normally after a whilst, consult your Kenwood dealer. — 5 —...

  • Page 6: Handling Compact Discs

    Handling Compact discs Playing a CD that is dirty, scratched or warped can cause the sound to skip and the unit to operate incorrectly, resulting in worsened sound quality. Take the following precautions to prevent your CDs from getting scratched or damaged. Handling CDs •...

  • Page 7: General Features

    General features uA T T SCAN D.SCN M.RDM MENU LOUD ATT / LOUD #1 - 5 KDC-6080R/KDC-6080RV ATT indicator LOUD indicator KDC-5080R ATT indicator LOUD indicator SRC / Power ¢ PWR OFF Turning on the power: Press the SRC button. NOTE DISC Turn the power on before carrying out the following procedures.

  • Page 8: Switching Modes

    Press the 4/¢ button. Please refer to the following for the adjusting values. Press the AUD button to end the control mode. "Kex"/"ec"/"dB" : Recalling the kenwood preset sound setting Press the preset buttons (#1-6). Settings: #1;Flat, #2;Rock, #3;Pops/Top40, #4;Jazz, #5;Easy, #6;Scan of #1-5...

  • Page 9: Mobile Preset

    NOTE • This mode is available only when the Sound coordinate system is on. (page29) • You can call the following settings with this function; bass centre frequency, bass level, bass quality factor, bass extension, treble centre frequency, and treble level setting. Their setting values are different depending on the setting of the mobile preset plan mode.

  • Page 10: Theft Deterrent Faceplate

    General features Theft Deterrent Faceplate The faceplate can be reversed to hide the control panel or detached form the unit, helping to deter theft. Removing the Faceplate: • When the control panel is visible Press the release button. • When the control panel has been hidden Press the upper side of the faceplate.

  • Page 11

    NOTE The buttons do not work when the control panel is slided. Tuner features SCAN D.SCN M.RDM LOUD #1~6 KDC-6080R/KDC-6080RV Frequency Band display ST indicator KDC-5080R Band display Frequency ST indicator AUTO indicator — 11 — SRC / ¢ PWR OFF DISC EJECT MENU...

  • Page 12: Tuner Features Tuning

    Tuner features Tuning Press the SRC button repeatedly until the tuner mode is obtained. "TUNER" is displayed only when the tuner mode is selected. Press either the FM or AM button to select the band. Each time you press the FM button, the band switches between the FM1, FM2 and FM3.

  • Page 13

    • The £ indicator lights whilst the clock is displayed. 2WARNING To prevent accidents, drivers should not look at the display whilst on the road. RDS features SCAN D.SCN M.RDM LOUD TI/VOL ADJ #1 - 6 KDC-6080R/KDC-6080RV KDC-5080R — 13 — ¢...

  • Page 14: Rds Features Rds (radio Data System)

    RDS features RDS (Radio Data System) RDS is a digital information system that lets you receive signals besides those of regular radio programmes, such as network information being transmitted from radio stations. When listening to an RDS station (ie, a station with RDS capability), the programme service name of the station is displayed along with the frequency, advising you quickly which station is being received.

  • Page 15: Presetting Volume For Traffic Information/news

    Presetting Volume for Traffic Information/News Preset the volume level to be used for traffic information and news broadcasts. Tune into the station for which you want to set the volume. Adjust the volume to the desired level. Hold down the TI VOL ADJ button for two seconds or more. The volume level blinks once in the display to indicate that the data has been stored.

  • Page 16: Programme Type (pty) Function

    English is #1, French is #2, German is #3, and Swedish is #4 . Select the type of programme to be received • Press either the FM or AM buttons repeatedly until the type of programme you want to listen to. The selection includes: Programme type KDC-6080R/RV Speech (Speech) Music (Music) 1. News (News) 2.

  • Page 17: Cd/external Disc Control Features

    The tuner scans for another station with the same type of programme. Cancelling Programme Type Function During Its Operation: Press the 38(PTY) button. CD/External disc control features SCAN D.SCN M.RDM LOUD SCAN M.RDM D.SCN KDC-6080R/KDC-6080RV Disc number Track number KDC-5080R Track number —...

  • Page 18: Playing Cds

    CD/External disc control features When a unit equipped with an O-N switch is to be connected, please also see the instruction manual of this unit. Set the O-N switch to "N". "N"-operation will be set. "N"-operation: • The disc title and track title of the CD text can be displayed. •...

  • Page 19: Playing Other Disc Mode

    Playing Other Disc mode This function permits the connection of optional players and the playing of discs other than the loaded CD (in the current unit). Playing Discs: Press the SRC button repeatedly to select the external disc control mode. The disc will start playing.

  • Page 20: Fast Forwarding And Reversing Disc Play

    CD/External disc control features Fast Forwarding and Reversing Disc Play Fast Forwarding Disc Play: Hold down on the ¢ button. Release your finger to play the disc at that point. Reversing Disc Play: Hold down on the 4 button. Release your finger to play the disc at the point. NOTE You cannot use reverse play between tracks depending on the model being connected.

  • Page 21: Track Scan

    Track Scan Successively play the beginning of each track on a disc until you find the track that you want to listen to. Starting the Track Scan: Press the SCAN button. "T-Scan/TSCN ON" is displayed and the first 10 seconds of each track are played, and the tracks are played in order.

  • Page 22: Magazine Random Play

    CD/External disc control features Magazine Random Play Function of disc changers) Play the tracks on all the discs in the disc changer in random order. Press the M.RDM button to switch the magazine random play function on and off. "M-Random/MRDM ON" is displayed when magazine random play is turned on.

  • Page 23

    Characters that can be displayed are as follows. Alphabet (upper case): A ~ Z Alphabet (lower case): a ~ z (KDC-6080R/RV Only) Numerals and symbols: 0~9 @ ” ‘ ` % & Special characters: á à é è í ì ó ò ú ù Ñ Ç ® ß ‹ fl â ä ê...

  • Page 24: Menu Settings

    Menu settings SCAN D.SCN M.RDM MENU LOUD #1 - 4 MENU KDC-6080R/KDC-6080RV Menu display NEWS indicator KDC-5080R Menu display NEWS indicator AUTO indicator ¢ Menu System You can set the defaults for additional functions in the menu mode. Make a setting for each function, referring to the following operations.

  • Page 25: Touch Sensor Tone

    Touch Sensor Tone This function produces a beep sound that accompanies button operation. It can be switched on or off. Display and setting: "Beep/BEEP ON" : Beep setting is on. "Beep/BEEP OFF" : Beep setting is off. NOTE The beep sound is not output from the preout jacks. Manual Time Adjustment Adjust the time manually.

  • Page 26: Memo Mode

    Alphabet (upper case): A ~ Z Alphabet (lower case): a ~ z (KDC-6080R/RV Only) Numerals and symbols: 0~9 @ ” ‘ ` % & Special characters: á à é è í ì ó ò ú ù Ñ Ç ® ß ‹ fl â ä ê...

  • Page 27

    "SYNC OFF" : Manual time adjustment Adjusting Time Automatically: Tune into an RDS station for 3 or 4 minutes. The time adjusts automatically to the correct local time. NOTE The time is not adjusted when the RDS station you are tuned to is not transmitting a time signal.

  • Page 28: Code Security Function

    Menu settings Code Security Function After a security code has been registered, power cannot be restored if the battery is disconnected from the unit unless the code is first input. NOTE All the steps in this procedure (1 through 8) must be completed before the code security function can be turned on.

  • Page 29: Selectable Illumination

    Selectable Illumination You can switch the colour of the button illumination between green and red. Display and setting: "Color Green/COL GRN" : The colour of the illumination is green. "Color Red/COL RED" : The colour of the illumination is red. Function of the KDC-6080R/KDC-6080RV Contrast Adjustment This adjustment permits easy viewing of the display.

  • Page 30: News Bulletin Function With Pty News Timeout Setting

    Menu settings News Bulletin Function with PTY News Timeout Setting You can arrange to have news bulletins interrupt your current listening source, including other radio stations. When the News Bulletin function is on, the PTY News Timeout setting allows you to set the interval during which further news interruption cannot take place.

  • Page 31: Af (alternative Frequency) Function

    Press the MENU button whilst auto memory entry is taking place to stop the process. Recalling a Preset Station: Press the preset station button (#1-6) for the desired station. The number of the recalled station is displayed. AF (Alternative Frequency) Function When poor reception is experienced, automatically switch to another frequency broadcasting the same programme in the same RDS network with better reception.

  • Page 32: Text Scroll

    Menu settings Text Scroll This function permits the CD text, MD title, Radio text, and Calender function to be scrolled and the entire text to be displayed. Switching Switching between manual scrolling and automatic scrolling is permitted. The factory default is manual scrolling.

  • Page 33: Accessories

    9. Press the reset button. 2CAUTION • If your car is not prepared for this special connection-system, consult your Kenwood dealer. • Only use antenna conversion adapters (ISO-JASO) when the antenna cord has an ISO plug. • Make sure that all cable connections are securely made by inserting jacks until they lock completely.

  • Page 34: Connecting Cables To Terminals

    Antenna Conversion Adaptor (ISO–JASO) (Accessory3) Antenna Cord (ISO) FM/AM antenna input KENWOOD disc changer/DAB control input/ Display Data Output Jack Outputs data representing the unit's current state, causing it to appear in the external display. To connect to this jack, a converting adapter (optional) is necessary.

  • Page 35: Installation

    Connecting Cables to Terminals 2WARNING Connecting the ISO Connector (see p.34) The pin arrangement for the ISO connectors depends on the type of vehicle you drive. Make sure to make the proper connections to prevent damage to the unit. The default connection for the wiring harness is described in 1 below.

  • Page 36

    Installation Removing the hard rubber frame Refer to the section “Theft deterrent faceplate (P. 10)” and then remove the faceplate. Engage the catch pins on the removal tool and remove the two locks on the upper level. Push upward the frame and pull it forward as shown in the figure.

  • Page 37: Locking The Faceplate To The Unit

    Locking the faceplate to the unit Locking the faceplate to the unit If you want to lock the faceplate to the unit so that it does not fall off, follow the directions below. Refer to the function "Theft deterrent faceplate" (page 10) and remove the faceplate.

  • Page 38: Troubleshooting Guide

    Troubleshooting Guide What might appear to be a malfunction in your unit may just be the result of slight misoperation or miswiring. Before calling service, first check the following table for possible problems. PROBLEM The power does not turn on. The fuse has blown.

  • Page 39

    Troubleshooting Guide PROBLEM The TEL mute function does The TEL mute cable is not connected properly. not work. The TEL mute function turns The TEL mute cable is touching a metal part of the car. on even though the TEL mute cable is not connected.

  • Page 40

    Troubleshooting Guide The following messages are displayed when certain problems are occurring in your system. Take the recommended actions. No disc magazine has been loaded in the changer. The disc magazine is not completely loaded. EJECT Load the disc magazine properly. No CD in the unit.

  • Page 41: Specifications

    Specifications Specifications subject to change without notice. FM tuner section Frequency Range (50 kHz Space) ...87.5MHz-108.0MHz Usable Sensitivity (S/N: 26dB) ...0.7 µV/75 Ω Quieting Sensitivity (S/N: 46dB) ...1.6 µV/75 Ω Frequency Response (±3.0dB)...30Hz-15kHz Signal to Noise ratio ...65dB(MONO) Selectivity (DIN) ...≥ 80 dB(±400 kHz) Stereo Separation ...35dB(1kHz) MW tuner section Frequency Range (9 kHz space) ...531kHz-1611kHz...

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