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Haier HSR3918FI Series User Manual

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* = MP, MX, PG, PH, PB, PW
User Guide
Mode d'emploi
Guida per l'utente
Manual del usuario
Podręcznik użytkownika
Uživatelská příručka
Felhasználói útmutató
Οδηγίες χρήσης



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  • Page 1 HSR3918FI* HSOBPIF9183 HSOGPIF9183 * = MP, MX, PG, PH, PB, PW Refrigerator User Guide Kühlschrank Bedienungsanleitung Réfrigérateur Mode d‘emploi Frigorifero Guida per l‘utente Manual del usuario Handleiding Lodówka Podręcznik użytkownika Chladnička Uživatelská příručka Hűtőszekrény Felhasználói útmutató Ψυγείο Οδηγίες χρήσης...
  • Page 2 material. weist darauf hin, dass aufgrund der Verwendung von brennbaren Materialien eine Brandgefahr besteht. Achten Sie darauf, dass Sie kein Feuer verursachen, indem Sie brennbare Materialien entzünden. symbole indique qu'il y a un risque d'incendie car des matériaux simbolo indica che esiste un rischio di incendio poiché vengono O símbolo indica Cuidado para evitar provocar um incêndio ao acender material WAARSCHUWING: Brandgevaar/ontvlambaar materiaal.
  • Page 3 OSTRZEŻENIE: ryzyko pożaru/materiały łatwopalne. Symbol oznacza ryzyko pożaru, ponieważ używane są materiały łatwopalne. Należy uważać, aby nie spowodować pożaru przez zapłon materiałów łatwopalnych. VAROVÁNÍ! Nebezpečí požáru / hořlavý materiál. Symbol označuje nebezpečí požáru, protože se používají hořlavé materiály. Dbejte na to, aby nedošlo k zapálení hořlavého materiálu. ΠΡΟΕΙΔΟΠΟΙΗΣΗ! Κίνδυνος...
  • Page 5 User Manual Refrigerator-Freezer HSR3918FI HSOBPIF9183 HSOGPIF9183 * = MP, MX, PG, PH, PB, PW...
  • Page 6 Thank You Thank you for purchasing a Haier Product. Please read these instructions carefully before using this appliance. The instructions con- tain important information which will help you get the best out of the appliance and ensure safe and proper installation, use and maintenance.
  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Content 1 - Safety information ........................4 2 - Intended use ..........................9 3 - Product description .......................12 4 - Control panel ..........................13 5 - Use ...............................14 6 - Energy saving tips ........................24 7 - Equipment ..........................25 8 - Care and cleaning ........................27 9 - Troubleshooting ........................30 10 - Installation ..........................34 11 - Technical data ........................39...
  • Page 8: Safety Information

    1-Safety information lowing safety hints!: WARNING! Make sure there is no transport damage. Remove all packaging and keep out of children´s reach. Wait at least two hours before installing the appliance in order to Handle the appliance always with at least two persons because it is heavy.
  • Page 9 1-Safety information WARNING! Use a separate earthed socket for the power supply which is easy accessible. The appliance must be earthed. Only for UK: pliance is installed, the plug should be accessible. WARNING: Do not damage the refrigerant circuit. Daily use This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental ca- pabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been...
  • Page 10 1-Safety information WARNING! Open and close the door only with the handles. The gap between the door and the cabinet is very narrow. Do not put your hands in frigerator/freezer doors only when there are no children standing within the range of door movement. Never store bottled beer or beverages, liquids in bottles or cans (besides high percentage spirits) especially carbonated bever- ages in the freezer, as these will burst during freezing.
  • Page 11 1-Safety information WARNING! Maintenance / cleaning Make sure children are supervised if they carry out cleaning and maintenance. Disconnect the appliance from the electrical supply before un- dertaking any routine maintenance. Allow at least 7 minutes be- fore restarting the appliance, as frequent starting may damage the compressor.
  • Page 12 1-Safety information Do not use water spray or steam to clean the appliance. Do not clean the cold glass shelves or glass door with hot water. Sudden temperature change may cause the glass to break. If you leave your appliance out of use for an extended period, leave it open to prevent odour and unpleasant smells building up inside.
  • Page 13: Intended Use

    (4.) In case some small part or component enters inside of the fridge (between the shelves or drawers), use small soft brush to release it. If you could not reach the part, please contact Haier service.
  • Page 14 2-Intended use To avoid contamination of food, please respect the following in- structions: crease of the temperature in the compartments of the appli- ance. - Clean regularly surfaces that can come in contact with food and accessible drainage systems. water system connected to a water supply if water has not been drawn for 5 days.
  • Page 15 2-Intended use Disposal symbol on the product or on its packaging indicates that this product may not be treated as household waste. Instead it shall be handed over to the applicable collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment. By ensuring this product is disposed of correctly, you will help prevent potential negative con- sequences for the environment and human health, which could otherwise be caused by inappropriate waste handling of this prod-...
  • Page 16: Product Description

    3-Product descripstion Notice Picture of appliance (Fig. 3) A: Freezer compartment B: Fridge compartment 1 Ceiling camp 8 Adjustable feet 9 Air duct 2 Ice maker with ice container 10 Ceiling lamp 3 Air duct 4 Water and ice dispenser 11 Egg tray 5 Storage shelves 12 Door rack/bottle holder...
  • Page 17: Control Panel

    4-Control panel Control panel (Fig. 4) b1 b2 f1 f2 Control panel (Fig. 4) Keys: Indicators: A Holiday function on/off Holiday mode B Freezer temperature adjustment b1 Temperature of freezer C Filter Reset b2 Super-Freeze mode D Ice Maker function on/off Filter change status E Auto Set function on/off...
  • Page 18: Use

    5-Use After the appliance has been levelled and cleaned, wait for at least 2 hours before con- necting it to the power supply. See Section INSTALLATION. Please see Manual adjusting mode. The keys on the control panel are sensor keys, which could respond when lightly touched with the finger.
  • Page 19 5-Use Auto Set mode ommend that you use Auto Set mode: In this mode, Touch key ”E” (Auto Set) (Fig. 5.7.1-1) By repeating the above steps or selecting Holiday/ Super-Freeze/Super-Cool mode, this function can be switched off again. Auto Set mode In Auto Set mode, the temperature of the fridge and freezer cannot be adjusted manually.
  • Page 20 5-Use Holiday or Auto Set) is activated or the display is locked . The corresponding indicator will flash accompanied by a buzzer. “ “ This function will automatically disabled after approximately 6h. The function is also disabled if the Auto Set mode or Holiday function is chosen.
  • Page 21 5-Use “ The Super-Freeze function automatically switches off after approximately 50h. The function is also disabled if the Auto Set mode or Holiday function is chosen. Holiday function Holiday (Holiday) When the Holiday function is activated, no goods must be stored in the fridge com-...
  • Page 22 5-Use By repeating step 2- step 4, this function can be switched off again. When you don’t need ice cubes for a long period of time, please turn off the Ice Maker function, empty the container and insert the cleaned container. 5.11.1-2 5.11.1-1 Fig.
  • Page 23 5-Use Do not place ice cubes which were not produced by the icemaker into the ice container to prevent damage to the mechanism. Fig. 5.11.2 Fig. 5.11.1-2 Make sure the glass is close to the dispenser outlet to prevent crushed ice from falling out. Never place canned drinks or food inside the ice container, as this will damage the crush- Do not remove the cover of the ice maker to avoid accidental injury or damage to the appliance.
  • Page 24 5-Use For the first use it is necessary to press the dispenser lever for 3 minutes in order to clear the air in the line. If you like very cold water put some ice cubes from the ice container into the glass. or water (7 glasses approx) should not be consumed.
  • Page 25 5-Use...
  • Page 26 5-Use...
  • Page 27 5-Use firstly cooked, otherwise it may become inedible.
  • Page 28: Energy Saving Tips

    6-Energy saving tips Open the appliance door as little and briefly as possible. The most energy-saving configuration requires the appliance keep drawers, food box and shelves on factory-fresh condition, and food should be placed as far as possible without blocking the air outlet of the duct.
  • Page 29: Equipment

    7-Equipment 7.4.1 If no ice or water is needed over a long period of time, the valve between the water supply and the appliance can be turned off. 7.4.2 7.4.2 Removing the ice container (Fig.7.4.2) Lift the container up. Pull the container out.
  • Page 30 7-Equipment 7.4.3 7.4.3 Reinstalling the ice container (Fig.7.4.3) To reinstall the ice container, the U-shaped bracket behind the ice container (1 in Fig.7.4.3) must be aligned with the corresponding metal structure. Follow the steps from 7.4.2 in the reverse order. 7.5 The light...
  • Page 31: Care And Cleaning

    8-Care and cleaning...
  • Page 32 8-Care and cleaning 8.3 Defrosting 8.4 Replacing the LED-lamps 8.5 Replacing the filter WARNING! from the mains socket. 8.5-1 Remove (1) the locking clip (C) on both sides of the 8.5-2 reverse order. 3. Put the plug into the socket and open the water 4.
  • Page 33 8-Care and cleaning...
  • Page 34: Troubleshooting

    9 - Troubleshooting...
  • Page 35 9 - Troubleshooting...
  • Page 36 9 - Troubleshooting...
  • Page 37 9-Troubleshooting...
  • Page 38: Installation

    10-Installation - Extended temperate( SN) : this refrigerating appliance is intended to be used at ambient temperatures ranging from 10 °C to 32 °C; - Temperate( N) : this refrigerating appliance is intended to be used at ambient temperatures ranging from 16 °C to 32 °C; - Subtropical( ST): this refrigerating appliance is intended to be used at ambient temperatures ranging from 16 °C to 38 °C;...
  • Page 39 10-Installation e r i 10.5-1 (B1) and the water tap (B2) (Fig. 10.5-1). Make sure to get a square cut by using a sharp knife. 1/2“ 3/2“ rt pipe (B1) approx. 12 mm deep into the 10.5-3 10.5-2 ArtNo.601-0005 - S xS 661-9 - S ecuring the p ArtNo.601-0010 - S xS 661-9 - Pi pe to filter i l c Fig.
  • Page 40 10-Installation...
  • Page 41 10-Installation The door may fall over and hurt people, or get damaged during these steps, please pay more attention when removing and installing doors. 1. Release the left side of two water couplers on the front left corner at the bottom of appliance: pre- ss and hold in the collar as shown and remove the water pipe.
  • Page 42 10-Installation 10.10-3 10.10-4 (Fig.10.10-3) (Fig.10.10-4) Notice: Fridge door The pictures show the removing of the freezer compartment door. For the fridge door please use the corresponding parts on the other side.
  • Page 43: Technical Data

    11-Technical data 2019/2016 HSR3918FI*/HSOBPIF9183 / HSOGPIF9183 Volume cooling (L) Volume freezing (L) SN-N-ST Noise emission class and airborne C(40) acoustical noise emissions (db(A) re 1pW) Defrosting input power (W) 1775/908/659...
  • Page 44: Customer Service

    12-Custom service...
  • Page 45 10 year, after placing the last unit of the model on the market. Technical Assistance To contact the technical assistance, visit our website: Under the section “website”, choose the brand of your product and your country. You will be...