Samsung SPHI300SS Tips/Troubleshooting Manual

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SPH - i330 Tips/Troubleshooting Guide



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  • Page 1 SPH - i330 Tips/Troubleshooting Guide LMTSI330040303F6...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Wake up Feature ... 5 Phone Application Buttons ... 6 Internal/External Battery Charge ... 6 Screen Calibration ... 7 HotSync to Save Current Settings ... 8 Common Problems ... 10 HotSync ... 10 Fatal Errors ... 14 USB Problems ... 15 Resetting the i330 ...
  • Page 3 Palm Applications ... 20 Using your i330 with the Sprint Business Connection Palm Client ... 21 Battery ... 22...
  • Page 4 Tips/Troubleshooting Instructions...
  • Page 5: Tips

    The Wake Up feature is the solution. The Wake Up feature allows you to designate the buttons that wake the phone up after it has been idle with the screen turned off. When the Wake Up feature is active, you are required to press two buttons at once to wake the phone up.
  • Page 6: Phone Application Buttons

    Options and then Preferences. 3. Tap the drop down arrow in the upper right corner and select Buttons. 4. Tap the drop down arrow next to each icon and select the desired application to associate with each one. 5. Tap when finished to save and exit.
  • Page 7: Screen Calibration

    ) blinks and the phone sounds a warning tone. There is also an internal backup battery that saves all the settings in the phone when the regular battery is discharged. An internal backup battery needs to be charged initially for 24 hours.
  • Page 8: Hotsync To Save Current Settings

    If you are constantly adding new data to your i330, make sure that you perform a HotSync periodically to save any recent changes. If the unit looses data from a discharged battery or crashes, it can be easily restored performing a HotSync provided the data is current on the desktop/laptop machine.
  • Page 9 2. If Data is lost or hard reset is performed, the user must perform a HotSync with the HotSync manager set to recover settings. *. This setting is not saved in the Palm file when a HotSync is performed, but is saved in the native phone setting. Soft Reset...
  • Page 10: Common Problems

    Answer: If you perform a HotSync operation before the system is fully booted, this may cause Windows to think there is a new device being installed. Please wait until your system completely boots up, and you see the HotSync icon displayed in the system try located in the bottom right corner of the screen before performing a HotSync operation.
  • Page 11 "Fatal Error" every time you power on the handset until you do a hard reset. If you have an existing Palm device, simply beam address book, datebook and other data to the I330.
  • Page 12 Many corporate networks require you to dial into a secure access device for access to their mail servers. If this is the case, you may not be able to access your email. Sprint PCS has...
  • Page 13 Answer: Yes, please see “Performing a HotSync Operation via a Network” on page 156 of the Online User Manual for instructions on how to set up a LAN or network sync. Question: I have connected the cable and installed the required software, but I cannot perform a HotSync? Answer: Make sure that you have “Local Serial”...
  • Page 14: Fatal Errors

    HotSync operation. To create a new user profile: 1. Perform a hard reset and place the i330 into the cradle. 2. Launch the Palm Desktop application on the desktop/ laptop computer.
  • Page 15: Usb Problems

    I cannot perform a HotSync? Answer: If the cable was plugged in while Windows was booting up, there is a chance that the USB bus was being scanned before the cable was connected. Later on when the bus was scanned again, it noticed that the new device was present and added it to the list of devices.
  • Page 16: Resetting The I330

    Question: How do I perform a hard reset? All data is lost when a hard reset is performed. The handset is Note: reset to the factory settings.
  • Page 17: Operating Systems

    COM port setting will be indicated for the Samsung USB-to-Serial Device. Check the Local Settings in HotSync and make sure that the COM port is set to the correct COM port. To check the settings in HotSync, right click on the Hotsync icon in the system tray, select Setup and click on the Local tab.
  • Page 18 USB device or a USB device is not recognized. Answer: Depending on the Windows version being used, you may or may not see a window display when you plug in the USB interface cord. If the USB cradle was plugged in before the drivers were installed, you must remove the incorrect driver.
  • Page 19 These icons indicate that Windows is having a problem with the device. 5. If you find a device that is not responding correctly, click on the entry and press the Delete key. 6. Close the System dialog box and reboot if necessary.
  • Page 20 Answer: Yes. Most Palm applications work without any problems. Question: Can I work on my Palm and talk on the phone at the same time? Answer: Yes. You can use the speaker phone or optional headset to talk on the phone while working on your i330.
  • Page 21 Using your i330 with the Sprint Business Connection Palm Client 1. If you boot your system up with the i330 cradle connected AND an active BizConn sync in progress, you may be intermittently left in a state in which BOTH the com port...
  • Page 22 The data can be saved for a total of 15 hours. If the external battery is not re- charged or another full battery connected within the 15 hours, the data will be permanently lost.

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