Installation; Electrical Connection - Whirlpool FT850P.1 Operating Instructions Manual

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! Before operating your new appliance please read
this instruction booklet carefully. It contains
important information concerning the safe operation,
installation and maintenance of the appliance.
! Please keep these operating instructions for future
reference. Make sure that the instructions are kept
with the appliance if it is sold, given away or moved.
! Keep all packaging material out of the reach of
children. It may present a choking or suffocation
hazard ( see Precautions and tips ).
! The appliance must be installed by a qualified
professional in accordance with the instructions
provided. Incorrect installation may cause harm to
people and animals or may damage property.
Built-in appliance
Use the appropriate cabinet to ensure that the
appliance functions properly.
• The panels adjacent to the oven must be made of
heat-resistant material.
• Cabinets with a veneer exterior must be
assembled with glues which can withstand
temperatures of up to 100°C.
• To install the oven under the counter ( see
diagram ) or in a kitchen unit, the cabinet must
have the following dimensions:
! The appliance must not come into contact with
electrical parts once it has been installed.
The indications for consumption given on the data
plate have been calculated for this type of
To ensure adequate ventilation is provided, the back
panel of the cabinet must be removed. It is
advisable to install the oven so that it rests on two
strips of wood, or on a completely flat surface with
an opening of at least 45 x 560 mm ( see diagrams ).
Centring and fixing
1. Position brackets "A"
"A" against oven support "B B B B B ".
2. Position tabs "C"
"C" against brackets "A"
thickness of the cabinet side panel:
is 16 mm thick: place the tab so that the
number 16 written on it is facing you;
is 18 mm thick: place the tab so that the part
without any text is facing you;
is 20 mm thick: do not fit the tab.
3. Fix the brackets and tabs onto the edge of the
cabinet side panel using screws "D".
4. Fix the oven to the cabinet using the screws and
plastic washers "E"

Electrical connection

! Ovens equipped with a three-pole power supply
cable are designed to operate with alternating
current at the voltage and frequency indicated on
the data plate located on the appliance ( see below ).
"A". If the


Table of Contents

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