Start-Up And Use; Starting The Oven - Whirlpool FT850P.1 Operating Instructions Manual

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Start-up and use

! The first time you use your appliance, heat the
empty oven with its door closed at its maximum
temperature for at least half an hour. Ensure that the
room is well ventilated before switching the oven off
and opening the oven door. The appliance may emit
a slightly unpleasant odour caused by protective
substances used during the manufacturing process
burning away.

Starting the oven

1. Turn the PROGRAMMER knob in an anticlockwise
direction until the "" symbol is displayed.
2. Pull the PROGRAMMER knob and turn it in an
anticlockwise direction until the marker corresponds
with the current time. A click will indicate the end of the
programming phase.
3. Select the desired cooking mode by turning the
4. The oven will start its preheating phase and the
PREHEATING indicator light on the control panel will
5. Select the desired temperature using the
THERMOSTAT knob A list detailing cooking modes
and suggested cooking temperatures can be found
in the Cooking advice table ( see Cooking modes ).
6. When preheating is finished, the COOKING IN
PROGRESS indicator light will remain lit in a
constant manner: place the food in the oven.
7. During cooking it is always possible to:
Change the cooking mode by turning the
Change the temperature by turning the
Stop cooking by turning the SELECTOR knob
to the "0" position.
6. If a blackout occurs while the oven is already in
operation, an automatic system within the appliance
will reactivate the cooking mode from where it was
interrupted as long as the temperature has not
dropped below a certain level.
! There is no preheating stage for the BARBECUE
! Never put objects directly on the bottom of the
oven; this will avoid the enamel coating being
! Always place cookware on the rack(s) provided.
Cooling ventilation
In order to cool down the external temperature of the
oven, some models are fitted with a cooling fan
which blows air out between the control panel and
the oven door.
Once cooking has been completed, the cooling fan
remains on until the oven has cooled down
sufficiently. In the BAKING mode, the cooling fan is
only activated when the oven is hot.
! Once cooking has been completed, the cooling fan
continues to operate until the oven has cooled down
Oven light
This is switched on by selecting
SELECTOR knob. It remains lit when a cooking
mode is selected. When the FAST CLEAN mode is
selected the light is switched off automatically.
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Table of Contents

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